Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (topic now 200% easier to find)

I forgot to answer…
I have 2 of those upgrades so my vitality is 12 and attack 2

I just beat Lady Butterfly. I barely had any health left. Relief.

Lady Butterfly is the first of many tough fights ahead. Well done.

I think this video captures some what Sekiro demands.

Great work!

I also realized I didn’t proceed in a certain direction in the castle, so I have a new place to go to - which will hopefully lead to the boss.

When you reach a certain point there will be several branching paths to follow. The game’s story “call to action” path progression is bit weird though.

It’s funny, I made it to the castle before, but apparently I never went into the castle. I detoured to the left and totally forgot about coming back to it. On a positive note a beat the general guarding it in one shot :-)

Edit: Phew, made it to the next idol save point high up in the castle. Enough for tonight.

Did you try a stealthy approach, attacking those guys from behind? Helps to thin out the ranks.

That was a PITA, I skipped that for the longest time.

If you can beat the next major boss, you can beat the game. This game is much more about rhythm so sometimes you just need to put the time in to learn a boss fight, like learning a song. It’s the normal process. You can’t roll into them and win on the first try like Wo Long.

Thanks for posting this life-advisor-game-guide-video! Now I am not sure if I should install Sekiro or start learning the guitar, suddenly it looks the same :-)

Also the boss that made me really love the game. It’s so hard at first, but then as you learn the rhythm (and also watch some helpful youtube vids in my case) it’s suddenly managable.

Do you mean the one in the castle? I just got to the first save point after traveling up the rooftops so I haven’t seen the boss yet. Is the boss close at this point?

Ehhh, well the next major boss fight is definitely a skill check that will carry over to the final test.

Also I did in fact beat a couple bosses first try (boss name spoilers):

The aforementioned Gyoubu Oniwa
Armored Warrior (mini-boss)
Folding Monkeys (LOL)
O’rin of the Water (mini-boss)
Headless Ape

Granted most of those are all after I have already learned how to deal with their types of attacks.

Damn it you guys… OK, so between this thread and my buddies in Discord egging me on, I went back and got through that (very early) courtyard, and on to the boss. him and his horse are dead. I feel what @Tim_N was saying about lots of players trying to come back to this and failing. It really does work completely different from most From games. I have to unlearn stuff… also have to be more aggressive. This is still definitely a trial by fire… speaking of which… I may no longer be a fan of bacon after this next dude…

I went from Sekiro back to Souls a la Elden Ring and had to also re-adjust in reverse! The funny thing that, is Sekiro made me waaaay too aggressive in Elden Ring right out of the gate. I needed to cool my jets during the first major boss. Not attack so much, actually disengage…the best part though is I almost beat the boss. Almost…

Yes, I was thinking the skill check bosses when I wrote that. You’re right that some of them are reasonable to do first try.

It’s adaptable.

I watched Lobos Jr. get utterly destroyed by certains bosses I never ever had any trouble with over and over because he “isn’t playing the game right!” which was in short, infuriating to watch over and over e.g “He’s only making it harder for himself!” Ahhhhahg!!!

And at the same time he destroyed bosses I had trouble with first try right out of the gate holy shit!

I’ve already 100% the game by this point, but just wanted to see…looking back 20/20 third eye, etc. YMMV.

Anyways; I hope people can persevere through the “ballz hardness.” This game was a treat. I definitely went through a journey if I may say so myself.

But the important take is I never did it alone. Not at all. I read guides. I watched videos. Countless. I got help. And a lot of it. Tons! An amount you would not begin to believe! So feel free.

Moreover; this is a very fast paced high demand ultra punishing action game in terms of bosses (and mini-bosses), which is obsessed with perfect execution. If I got stuck, I learned from other people via the Internet. No qualms about it.

Not even sure if he is a full boss, but Jinsuke Saze is no joke.