Show me your Steam junk drawer

oh my goodness, i had never noticed this :( you have ruined my life :(

Wow. That’s a level of dedication that I am genetically unable to reach.

Phew, this was easier to fix than I expected. Thanks for the heads up :)

You’re going to be so pissed when one day that’s just gone.

My system is simple, perhaps boring:

My closet is packed, and I’m overdue moving some games down to the basement.

Some of these are in the wrong place as I’m lazy and pretty unorganized in general :P

… why play when you can organize?

Wow. Just… wow.

well jel

I’m still not completely happy with it, but these are my categories for now. I’ve seen some good ideas in this thread which I’ll probably use, so thanks for that!

For me, the hardest thing is trying to keep those in “Now Playing” and “Now Trying” to a minimum.

“Endless” is games I keep installed or could see myself coming back to at any time – mainly strategy games and other time-sinks.

“Playing” is stuff I’m trying to get through now, either to complete or to gauge whether or not it’s worth it.

“Finished” are games I’ve gone all the way through and don’t feel like I’ll ever want to revisit.

“Dropped” are games I’ve tried and not liked, or that I acquired somehow and already know I don’t need to invest any time in.

“Unplayed” is, by far, the largest of those categories!

Some of you guys need to categorise your categories.

If only Steam let us have nested categories. That would be glorious.

@nogwart and @mrcjhicks : that’s the spirit!!

@Ultrazen um I hope some of those “not interested” are games that you’ve already played, because there are some pretty majestic games in there…

Thanks to this thread I made 3 categories:

  • Completed
  • Crap
  • Old

The rest I just leave viewable.

to everyone keeping ‘crap’ games in their steam library, just delete them:

it’s quite liberating, i recommend it.

Those “not interested” games are all games I bounced off of for one reason or another. Either that or in the case of a few of them I have played them and have no interest in ever playing them again.

I have more games than I can possibly play, and this was still enough to get me to wishlist Conception. I might have problems with my standards.

Anyways, categories:

And, while this will probably get me into trouble:

I wasn’t wild about a few of those either so we cool.

excellent. Someone else with an aptly named “crap” directory.