I don’t see mention of the menu feature anywhere, where did you hear that?


I saw them in this article that Google popped in my feed. It says pressing down and Select takes you to the Menu.


I’m using the 8bitdo NES30 Pro + the 8bitdo Wireless Receiver for the NES Classic. They both got firmware updates which enable me to use it wirelessly with the SNES classic. And there’s a button on the controller that does pull up the menu instantly. Works great for me.


Hearing my kids whine and complain about how hard the games are is worth the $80 this thing cost.


Finally got around to playing mine. Apparently I can still play these things. I didn’t dare get into the bigger long games, Zelda and one of my all time favorites, Secret of Mana, but Mario Kart is still awesome. Oh, and I need wireless or extensions for these controllers. Also S of M should have been 3 player like it was. where is my 4 player accessory!?


I think February is the date for the remake of Secret of Mana to be released. I assume that will have three player action!


I still keep thinking about getting one of these. . . butI’ll never find one so it’s okay :)


They just announced production increases in time for Christmas (along with Switch production increase)! ;)


I mean they said these things would be very available well before launch and they weren’t really, so, well, we’ll see :)

I recognize the situation here is massively better than the NES Classic, but really, if I can’t just order a thing on [non-scalper] Amazon whenever I see fit, I don’t consider it widely available :)


I did see several on the shelf the other week. Target’s weekly ad is also promoting having some quantity of them available online Nov 1 (though I think you have to be a Target RED member or something).

Readily available? Nah. But better than the NES, and better than I expected.


I am not really into the couch on PC thing, buy maybe it will.

Well yeah it’s better than NES for sure, but still not like you can go to a store and just find one. The resellers aren’t helping.


I’m somewhat rural, so my anecdotes don’t mean much, but both the Switch and the SNES Classic have been in stock here with relative consistency. (Well, as long as you don’t want neon Joy-Cons, anyway, but I’m led to believe that’s been true absolutely everywhere since launch.)


Good luck finding one on the shelf in the Metroplex. The TRU in my town had 18 last Friday, and the clerk told me they had enough people lined up before opening to sell them all.


If you need a classic console, your local CVS or Rite Aid should have ample stock of the Atari Classic and 3 versions of a mini Sega Genesis, including a handlheld! I almost bought that one.


“It’s the video game every boy wants!”



Saw a SNES classic in the wild at my local Walmart while I was picking up halloween candy. Scooped it up. :)

While I wasn’t interested in putting any effort into getting one, I am pleased I ran across one. Looking forward to playing some old favorites and a few classics I missed. Inexplicably I find myself kinda hankering for some Nintendo these days.


Upthread, I told you guys that my brother pre-ordered one at $80 and one at $100, and he was wondering if he should cancel the extra, since Nintendo said they would be readily available. He was lazy and he forgot to cancel. He was able to sell the $100 one for $200 on ebay, thereby paying for the one he kept as well, once you take out shipping costs.

So he got a SNES Classic for free, basically! Nice.


Yeah, The guy at Walmart asked if I wanted more than one to sell on eBay, but I just can’t bring myself to do that. I guess they are still selling on eBay for a lot though


Kudos! That’s how it should be.