Songs that have lodged themselves into your brain

Gah, I’ll listen to some crazy stuff to get them out, but THEY KEEP COMING BACK.

Recently hit by:

Silly Love Songs by McCartney and Wings
Tin Man by America

Fuckin’ Wings, incidentally. What a shit group, I don’t care that McCartney fronted them.

Here’s me as a lad: MAN SOME OF THE BEATLES SONGS SURE DO SUCK. Then I found out all of those songs were from Wings.


Edit: triggercut, if you post in here defending Wings I am going to buy you a kitten and then sodomize it front of you. Just sayin’.

Charlie - Colin Meloy
The Two & Four - Matinee Slim and the Ultralight Orchestra

The countdown, it’s final.

The first time I ever heard Dancing Queen by Abba (about 5 years ago) it was stuck in my head for a month.

Some other Wings songs that were brain invasive in their saccharine awfulness: Band on the Run and What the Man Said.

I really tried to post a straight-faced defense of “Let 'Em In” as an apex of modern guitar pop, but it was giving me a headache and making me sick to my stomach, farcical though it was.

Can’t do it Bill, even in jest. Wings just fucking sucked.

I am the Resurrection - The Stone Roses. I’ve been hum/singing this all week. It’s driving me nuts.

  • Shivaree cover of Fat Lady of Limbourg by Eno.
  • Yours Truly, 2095, ELO.

Don’t ask me why. I like both these songs, but would like to give them a rest…

Son of a bitch. Just reading this post got it stuck in my head.

Great fucking song, however.

Somewhat Damaged by Nine Inch Nails. Not the lyrics, the music – the first minute or so specifically.

For several days after watching I Love You Man I could not get “Limelight” [SPOILER LINK!] out of my head. Even at night. I’d go to sleep and it would be cranking through my dreams. I’d wake up in the morning and it would be, “der-ner-ner-ner-ner-ner, ner-ner-nert, der-ner-ner-ner-ner-ner, ner-ner-nert” and I’d want to scream.

I finally DL’d it for RockBand2 and drummed it out of my head. It took a couple of days (drumming dreams…oy) but it was worth it.


“See you later, Joben.”

What if I do it? Actually I couldn’t defend Wings with a straight face, but you singled out ‘My Brave Face’ although that album (Flowers in the Dirt) actually does have some really good songs on it – probably because most of the album was co-written and -performed with Elvis Costello.



you will now hum it the rest of the day!!


Ever since Zero Punctuation used it for the Halo review.

I Told You I was Freaky, by Flight of the Conchords. I’ve had that stuck in my head for a few days now, since I watched that episode on DVD. My wife and I LOVE this show.

That “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” Guild music video got stuck in my head for days.

Hootie and the Blowfish since Monday Night Football last night.

Damn you! Now it’s stuck in my head!