Spider-Man: Homecoming - Spider-Man and the MCU


yeah, rough cuts, bright colors and lots of quick action and close ups all combined to make it pretty tough to follow.


Uh… Where do you live? I saw this at a drive in with DM3 as well. Saturday night. Jefferson WI

Spiderman was really good though.


The whole damn family saw this yesterday and gave it eight thumbs up. It’s funny and winning with a terrific cast, killer soundtrack, at least two awesome set-piece action sequences, and Aunt May totally nails the dismount. Very recommended!


Yes, very hard to say anything bad about this movie. I was very worried both about yet another Spiderman reboot, and teen actors in general. Civil War tempered that fear, and this movie sealed it away. It is very much a high-school movie more so than a superhero movie, but that doesn’t detract from it at all.

Note: There are two post-credit scenes.


Only 2? Marvel is slipping.


You’ll change your tune after you see the second.


Please tell me it involves more Aunt May.


Nope, no more info. Sorry! Too spoilery.

Aunt May:

  • Wasn’t in the movie enough
  • Has an odd choice of wardrobe. Those… pant things. WTH?

Oh hey look, I found something bad about the movie :)


Saw it. Loved it. The relationship between Peter and Ned made the movie.

[spoiler]I was outright shocked at the big reveal of Vulture as Liz’s father. It does make sense, and kind of explains why the idiots were messing around with the alien tech weapons within visual distance of the house party. I guess Vulture works relatively close to home, not wanting to deal with NYC traffic ;)

Guy in the chair…[/spoiler]


Just saw this with the family. General opinion war that is ok, but kinda too long.


Minor spoilers about the identity of Zendaya’s character!

It’s weird to me that she’s not Mary Jane Watson—her name is Michelle (we don’t know her last name as far as I could tell). But there’s the “twist” that she reveals her friends call her M.J. at the end.

I’m not invested in whether Peter dates Gwen, or Mary Jane, or anyone in particular, and if they show up, I don’t care if they’re white, or if Gwen’s a blonde, or if MJ is a red-head.

But it’s weird that they decided to apparently do this different thing but also still call her MJ.

Is this some dumb thing like when the comic book Jane Foster was deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir and suddenly she’s called Thor and they sorta retconned it so “Thor” was more of a title instead of Thor’s name? “Whosoever be worthy to date Peter Parker shall receive the nickname of MJ?”


This is the only critique I care about, because:


I also enjoyed…

The ongoing thread that everyone was disturbingly into May, a source of mild disgust to Peter.

I guess you’re just part of Club Larb.


Wellfleet Mass Drive-In (on vacation there).


Here is the only thing I can come up with. The actor from what is narrowly considered the greatest movie ever, The Grand Budapest Hotel, played the part of Peter’s classmate and it kept throwing me off as he just didn’t look right without his Lobby Boy hat. I’m usually able to disassociate actors from their other works when watching, but this kept gnawing at me.

Despite that, It did a great job of tightly integrating the MCU and may be my favorite MCU movie. My son’s too - half way through the film, he leaned over and said this was the best movie ever.


Excellent movie! I really like Tom Holland’s version as he’s extremely likeable without being annoying.


Just splitting hairs here… I agree that it’s very much a high-school movie but I wouldn’t say “more so” than a superhero movie. It’s primarily a superhero movie!


Fair enough. But it gave it a much different feel than most of the movies in the MCU universe thus far, outside of maybe Ant-man?


[quote=“Daagar, post:104, topic:78440, full:true”]
Yes, very hard to say anything bad about this movie.[/quote]

Challenge accepted.

Seriously though, the big bad fight scene on the aircraft was so dark (alternating with the bright lights occasionally off the aircraft), and so jumpy cam, that I genuinely couldn’t tell what the hell was happening for most of it.


Yeah, they might as well cut to a black screen and just put “Hero and villain fight ferociously.” up there.