Star Trek Discovery (2017)


Does it? We’re in episode 2 and I still kind of hate it.


Be interested in some additional thoughts on it when you’re done. I’m just a few minutes into episode 2. I didn’t love 1 by any means, but it wasn’t the disaster I was expecting, and I probably liked it more than any Trek since Deep Space Nine. I do like the Klingon storyline though - it always bothered me that we never got to see the full on conflict with the Klingons (which I was expecting with the JJ movie launch), but I’m interested in an extended storyline and action-oriented conflicts more than I was in the TNG days.


See what you mean. I just saw a bumpy ridge head and thought they were essentially the same as the Klingons since the original movie, but with someone’s idea of modern makeup to make them more alien looking. But now I see they have double nostrils, etc.

I don’t mind them as much as you guys do though - as you said, they’ve always been altered a bit by Trek launches, and the gist of them is still consistent with the first Star Trek movie going back to 1979. My main gripe is they just have too much “mask” and headplate, etc., which just allows for less expression and just looks cumbersome and awkward in scenes, making them just scowl at the camera without moving much. It just looks like impractical makeup.


Welp, done with episode 2 and probably this show in general. Only reason I might continue is to follow along with the Greatest Generation podcast.


No, it started before this show, if this show is supposed to be 10 years before the original Star Trek’s 5 year mission started. The divergence occurred before Kirk was born (barely).


C’mon, elaborate! You’re a space combat guy, so curious what you found so unpalatable with this show.


Boring writing, no positivity or levity at all, no likeable characters, ham-fisted Vulcan nonsense, inconsistent technology from previous shows, ridiculous"Klingons", didn’t feel like Trek at all. Orville feels way more Trekian than this.

I honestly feel like I wasted my evening.


Naw but hey Brian I totally respect your


Ok that


Good start, set the stage nicely for what to come. Impressive visuals, loved having a big tv for this, and certainly nice to have HD-4K.

As for Klingons, don’t care one bit how they looked before, they seem to work now.

Also I found this to be just trekish enough, it’s about ethics and morals Brian, not the tech , it never was about the tech, well except the transporter beams, they’re awesome.


Was it 4K? It didn’t have the UHD-4K symbol in the programme listing for me, and while it looked good, I didn’t think it looked particularly 4K either. Unfortunately it’s not easy to tell definitively what the actually streaming resolution is on the Netflix app in the current LG sets.


Did…you read anything I said, or are you just trying to be contrary for contrary’s sake?


I found the shows to be just right for the Trek, I liked them, way more than I liked the JJ movies really…

Just wanted to point out that the technobabble never really was the defining trek point for me, it was always the morals, the ethics and their very nice non-materialistic society :)

You are right Ginger:Yellow, I found no way to change resolution, it says HD, which on my 55 inch is good enough to get sharp details, but I guess it may not have been 4k ,which is a shame then…but I don’t think my TV is big enough to get that much outta 4k


I’ve only watched the first episode so far but I loved it. The visuals and effects are awesome. The characters interest me and having Michelle Yeoh as a guest star is a treat.

Also, I really enjoyed the much younger Starfleet with earlier versions of classic tech and vocabulary, as well as equipment that’s closer to ours

(having to recon a ship with a space sortie).

To me, this show is a definite hit. Star Trek is back on the small screen and I’m glad. Really looking forward to episode 2 later today.


Ah. I stand corrected then.

It still doesn’t account for why everything is JJ Trek. The studio just doesn’t want to publicly admit to what they’re doing.


I mean, I think the real answer is that continuity simply doesn’t matter anymore in the modern era of continuous monetization. A franchise is just a word cloud of themes and iconography.


I doubt the series can maintain the pace of this first episode, but so far this feels like TNG Star Trek but with the production values and momentum of the JJ rebooot.

I could not care less for the visual changes and stuff. I don’t want a series looking or acted like the original, thanks.

And the Klingons don’t seem to be standard Klingons?? Are they a religious offshoot or something? this point is not clear for me yet.


What exactly is different, storywise?


I think what they are gonna offer is Amazon channels and Itunes subscriptions. Off the top of my head you can HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz on Amazon ATM.

Relatively easy to sub + desub. Only problem is I can never login to HBONow even thought I pay through amazon. It worked when I paid through Itunes.


Yay! This might be the only reason I might continue watching!


This isn’t adopting the look of Kelvin-verse Trek per se. it’s just a Star Trek made with a good budget and 2017-level CGI and set construction. Those warp nacelles are 100% original and not part of any existing Trek lore. :)

I’m on board so far. The prelude was well-done for a pilot. Really, the one element that’s missing so far is any kind of levity. But from some of the interviews I’ve heard with actors playing characters we haven’t seen yet, I think that’s coming.

But maybe not until after the “Discovery is a different kind of ship, welcome to Blue is the New Orange” episode…