Star Trek Discovery (2017)


I looked it up and it’s episode 8!

It’s such a buzz-kill filler episode. It’s a vague attempt at TNG style proceduralism. The only bits involving the main arc bookend the episode.

But, like @Stepsongrapes says, it’s noteworthy for Saru’s deployment of the Federation’s deadliest martial arts move: The hammerfist. (I think one was seen earlier? Doesn’t Burnham hammerfist a Klingon in the pilot?)


I think the one with the dude that could rewind time was the worst. That ending with the phaser wedding was first Voyager season kind of bad.


I watched episodes 7,8,9 last night. I didn’t think the planet episode was that bad. The planet was at best a B-plot. The A-plot was the fact that they were down in an attempt to use the planet’s beacon to try to detect cloaked Klingon ships. This included a fight with the Klingons vs Discovery while the away team was on the planet. And then the aliens calling the Klingons to the planet in order to resolve their dispute with the Federation. The C-plot was Michael and Tyler kissing.

But anyway, my point being the B-plot tied nicely with the A plot with the Klingons.

Episode 9 was really great. It was apparently the mid-season finale.

I started Episode 10 this morning. I just looked ahead and discovered the season has only 15 episodes.


Almost all of the episodes that I thought were “meh” the first time around turned out to have enough significance in the final story arc that in retrospect I liked them much better.

It’ll be interesting to binge-watch it the second time around. The first time the weekly anticipation was fun, but things unfold so much between episodes I feel like it’ll be a different experience watching the whole season over the course of a few days.


Is this available anywhere besides CBS’s proprietary online service yet? I do want to watch the rest of it but I’m just not feeling like coughing up for yet another streaming service, especially for just one show.


You can always sign up for the free trial and binge it during that one week.

Or go watch it in Europe on Netflix. :)


I signed up for a free week of commercial free. Even if I can’t watch all 15 episodes in 7 days, I get the month for $9.99, which isn’t bad. It’s looking like I’ll make it though. I watched Episode 10 today, and have started Episode 11. I’ll try to get through Episode 11 and maybe 12 tonight.


Wow, Episode 12 was so intense, and a bit of a revelation. This crazy show. I don’t want to stop watching. I wonder if there’s enough time for one more episode tonight?


The ending of Episode 13, wow. They really know how to raise the stakes when they transition from one storyline to another. I don’t know how they’re going to resolve all this in only two more episodes.

I can feel a cliff-hanger coming.


Looking forward to hear what you think of the “wrap up”.


Well, first of all, the end of Episode 14: Chills, absolute chills. The visuals, and the music, what a fantastic end to that episode. They really know how to end an episode you guys. Discovery is the bomb when it comes to ending episodes.

The finale:

I thought it was pretty good.

  • Things I didn’t like include a rushed last episode that tied up every loose end really fast, and that it strained believability the way they showed it.
  • On the other hand, I loved the concept, and the call back to the first episode, and making different moral choices, it really almost made me choke up in how beautifully it brought everything back.
  • As for the very end, it meant almost nothing. I guess I was never a big TOS fan, even though I eventually became one thanks to the movies.

But now that it’s over, I’m kind of surprised to learn that they’re working on a Season 2. Everything in this series was wrapped up, why would be need a second season?


Spoilers with more details about the final episode.

I do love the idea of finding a peaceful solution by putting in power a Klingon whose mind they changed. It’s just a shame that they did all that in 2 minutes. They could have really expanded that aspect to a full episode, and it could have worked better. Plus the awkward way they showed it later, with the Klingon just presenting a random pad to the Klingon high council and claiming that the pad could destroy Gronos. Yeah, sure lady. But yeah, they really didn’t have any time left, and the season was ending, but still, they should have just not included that scene. They could have just cut straight to the Klingon fleet turning away from Federation space. Still, I did love the concept of what they were trying, and the way Michael’s actions in the pilot were the opposite of her actions in the finale. That was very interesting because in the premiere I was really with Michael’s mutiny, and in the finale, I was against Michael’s mutiny, and yet, in doing it the way they did, they kind of made me feel ashamed of my position. It brought back memories of Picard, and how he could convince me that doing the right thing was important. More important than the end result. And I loved that this was the message of this whole season.


I agree with everything but the rating, I would say “meh” rather than “pretty good”.



I will never pay for CBS All Acc…

Make it so.


Wow… Did not expect that to happen!

How are they going to gel the old TNG atmosphere with the new edgy dark STD?


It’s supposed to be a new show set 20 yrs after Nemesis, so they won’t even try.


I am ok with this. :)

A few cameo appearances from old cast would be perfectly fine.


Lets celebrate!


We need a new topic for the new Picard show! I’d suggest calling it “The Even Nexter Generation”, or “The New Adventures of Old Picard”, or “The Federation and AARP”.


Yeah. Worst episode by far, but everyone seems to love it.