Star Trek Discovery (2017)


Interesting, I was watching this show with my partner - who doesn’t give a damn about sci-fi generally - and the first thing she said as the ending credits appeared was “Now THAT was a Star Trek episode” while rolling her eyes…


Is Stewart as Picard going to be the lead actor? Or will he be a backroom admiral who appears on-screen every now and then?


Wrong show, bro.



By the way, what did you guys think of the fact that most bridge officers in Star Trek: Discovery were not main characters on the show? It’s not something I’m used to from past Trek shows, so it took me some time to get used to it, and it still feels weird.


It’s a “conversation in a hallway” show. Hard for me to get into those. I would prefer a bridge main setting.



I’m sorry, could you explain who is who on the picture?
I think i see Dax (Terry Farrel) on the left, but the rest i don’t recognise at first glance…


From left to right:
A cylon.
Fake Spock.
A local realtor.
Chevy Chase.


I see, people i don’t need to know (yet), except of Dax (she looks kinda old now!)…


I’m just annoyed Fake Spock is showing emotion.


I’m pretty sure the one next to Dax/Terry Farrell is Leonard Nimoy’s son, who she just married. Lucky sod.


That is Dax from DS9 and her husband Spock’s son.
The new Spock for Discovery in the middle.
2 other people on the right.


Well, the joke’s on you lordkosc from two years ago! I just finished watching the first season, and it’s easily the best Star Trek series so far.

It’s interesting to read this thread from the start now, almost everyone was totally convinced that it was going to be a total disaster.




I think it’s a bit of a disaster, but probably for different reasons than most. I want a non-episodic show, I just think it’s a bad one.


There are certainly things I’d have done differently with Discovery (almost everything Klingon-related), but overall, I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to S2.


Do you think the first season of any other Trek show (other than TOS) is better than Discovery’s first season? Personally, I think Trek shows are always crazy rough in their first season. Discovery has some issues, but as far as first seasons go, I think it’s head and shoulders above the others.


I would have liked Discovery more if it wasn’t a Star Trek show – the things I didn’t like about it were the places where it established something that felt wrong thematically or in some other way that didn’t align with what I want and expect from Star Trek.

But if I view the show as it’s own thing I thought it was great. If this show had not been officially Star Trek, but rather a star-trek-like show that had shown up on CBS, I’d have been flabbergasted to see such a mainstream high quality science fiction production.

All things considered I think the positives outweigh the negatives and I’m glad that it exists.