Star Trek Discovery (2017)


I mean a deadman switch kind of thing (if I don’t check in every 24 hours, the bomb goes off). That wouldn’t be affected by a contract.


psh, any Klingon Lawyer worth their Bahgol would clearly indicate that ownership of the dead man’s switch now belongs to the more honourable party, and ownership should transfer forthwith.



Cheers for sharing that Mike, that was hilarious. I just imagined a Trek spinoff called Better Call Gowron.


I remember some Trek fans joking about the Robert O’Reilly School of Overacting in regards to some of Gowron’s DS9 appearances when they first aired - frankly I didn’t find him that bad though.


I loved Gowron. No such thing as overacting when it comes to a character like that. So much fun.

Totally reminds me of a Klingon version of Hansel from Zoolander. “Who are you tryin’ to get crazy with, ese? Don’t you know I’m loco?!”


Anyone else think that they will somehow make voq kids name become Worf somehow?


Wouldn’t it more likely be Mog, Worf’s father, to be the right age? Or am I off on my fictional dates?


Wouldn’t it more likely be Mog, Worf’s father, to be the right age? Or am I off on my fictional dates?

Actually in Star Trek VI - Colonel Worf was the defense counsel at Kirk and McCoy’s trial - although Discovery takes place around 40 years before that movie .


But the baby has Voq’s coloring, so unless he outgrows that, he’s not likely to be Worf I/Mog…


well he is in hiding and assumed dead, which presumes at some point he will have to adopt a new name, and maybe feel inclined to hide the distinctive coloring he shares with his father…


Anyone else heard the rumor that this show was getting the axe? Several of the actors on the show have posted the meme of looking for work have hit twitter…


Yeah, but it was Pike and Spock… Could easily see them being one-season characters.

It hasn’t been renewed for a third season, but given that they’ve greenlighted three other Star Trek shows, it’d be hard to imagine them killing this one. Feels like it’s pretty critical for CBS All Access.

(If they cancel ST:D, I’d cancel CBS AA flat out, Picard show or not.)


To echo DennyA - these are season long guest stars, not Discovery core crew members. Discovery may not be exactly like an Anthology series as originally pitched, but it seems clear that they have distinct season long plots that explore different parts of the Original Series back-story/mythology - and as such will probably have different Captains/Guest Stars for each season.


It’s so funny about the guy playing Pike, Anson Mount. When I see him as Pike or in ANYTHING that isn’t Hell on Wheels, I find it almost impossible to recognize him as the same guy that played the hero of that series, Cullen Bohannon. I never saw a guy whose appearance was totally transformed by a beard and longer hair. The accent he put on probably contributed greatly too.

(I was a HUGE Hell on Wheels fan BTW. Watched it all as it aired.)


It was one of the best western tv series ever made, up there right next to Deadwood.

I find it amusing he spent those 5 years with Colm Meaney, then ends up on a Star Trek series.


re : The latest episode.

Discovery is going way beyond TNG (at least, how I remember it) in terms of magical technobabble solutions.

Still, entertaining to watch, but it’s starting to get a tad unbelievable, even for Trek :)


It just seems more ridiculous because it’s not coming from the mouth of Geordi La Forge.


Loved the Babel scene and Reno’s back yay.


They haven’t even gotten close to some of the bizarre stuff the happened in TNG. You’ve just forgotten it.