Star Trek Resurgence

That. Is. Bananas.

I just got a code for this and will spend all next week streaming it. I pray to the Prophets that it’s good.

The prompts on screen on the PC are also controller icons, at least for me. I guess I’ll plug a controller in.

Edit: M+K works, have to look in the in-game main menu to see the controls. And…ignore the Xbox Controller prompts I guess? This is so weird for a 2023 game in various ways.

I carefully read through this review, skipping any paragraphs that I suspected might have anything spoilery. I think I’m kind of sold on the game now. However she did criticize the sound in the game, and to me that’s like the most important part! But other than that hesitancy, it sounds great.

Star Trek would seem like a perfect fit for the Telltale style of games. For me, Star Trek is at its best when it is exploring moral questions or solving a mystery. I hope the game turns out to be a good one.

Going to buy this, just gotta decide whether to go PC or Xbox. I’d have gone PC in a second if it’d supported the Steam Deck, but no, friggin EGS.

Need my ROG Ally.

Yea, that is some bullshit with the resolution. What the hell? It’s 2023! This does not bode well. I was so excited about this but I can’t play this blurry mess.

Apparently it’s pretty easy to get going at 4K 60 fps.

I might have to break down and futz with Heroic Launcher again to see if I can get this going on the deck. Have a trip coming up and it’d be a great way to pass the time on a flight.

So with just a couple minor issues this is really good.

The frame rate drops at the beginning etiher stopped happening regularly or I stopped noticing them. It’s a reallllly long episode of Trek, yo.

The voice acting is on point and mouse and keyboard works just fine.

I was all set to buy this and then I read it doesn’t have an invert mouse option. Going to have to wait for that to get patched in because I can’t handle that shit after 30 years. Also I just realized it’s been THIRTY YEARS (almost) since Doom came out. Holy shit.

I Prefer to invert the mouse too, but so far it’s a non-issue. I just don’t spend much time walking or running. Most of the game is conversation decisions, tool puzzles, quick-reaction events, and cutscenes. Maybe this will change, but so far it hasn’t bothered me at all.

I’m really enjoying it! Yep, it feels like a Trek episode, and yes, the voice acting ain’t bad.

Oh. Epic 25% off coupon. Duh.

PC it is! Bought!

Finished at 10.5 hours. That’s a heck of an episode.

Thumbs up. I could quibble about the ending but for all I know it was my choices that led to it.

Guess I’ll just have to play again.

Got this running on the Steam Deck. Had to make some tweaks to an ini file using a YouTube video as a guide, but now it’s running a solid 25-30 fps, which is fine for this kind of game. Still near the beginning because I’m saving it for a couple of upcoming plane flights, but liking it so far!

Really annoying the graphics settings are so limited that ini file editing is necessary on both my low-end Steam Deck and my high-end PC.**

** Falcon 4.0-running, Config.sys-editing, QEMM386-using 1990’s Denny mocks how soft and spoiled his future self will become

I played this for two hours this morning and ended up enjoying it. I’d never played a Telltale game before, so I found the “gamey” bits hilariously laughable. However, once I changed my attitude to that of watching an episode of Trek in which I sometimes interact with it, I found it far more enjoyable. Great voice acting too.

I just finished, and I really enjoyed it! I thought the story was engaging and pretty satisfying. It has some emotional impact. And yeah, the voice acting was terrific. The guy who played Spock has nailed it. But the other actors were, by and large, excellent as well.

Gameplay-wise, the conversation choices and big decisions were the highlight for me. A lot of the decisions were no-brainers, but some were genuinely difficult Trek-like choices. Including some personnel decisions. QTEs aren’t my favorite gameplay thing, but they were used to good effect here

I’m amazed people manage to finish this in 13 hours. It took me almost 24 hours of time /played! I wasn’t AFK much. I think I just tend to poke around a lot more than most people. Also, I did have to retry a lot of sequences, because fast reflexes aren’t my thing. I’m glad the devs gave us a “story mode” to bypass sticky bits.

Im about 2/3 of the way in and really, really enjoying it. Ill likely finish it myself on stream next week.

The story and dialogue choices are definitely the best parts. The “gameplay” is kind of laughable but once I accepted it was taking a backseat to the story – this is my first ever Telltale-style game after all – I started to have a lot more fun.

I hope this does well and ushers in a new era of Trek games.

Glad you’re enjoying it. Sounds like we have the same overall take on it. I sure would love more Trek games like this!

Really want to play this, but too many good games releasing lately!

Finished it this morning. What an excellent piece of Trek storytelling. Really great choices too.

I really hope it sells well so we get more stories with this crew and these characters. I’d love to spend more time with them.

Glad to hear you finished it and enjoyed it! I thought it had a better story than many Trek TV episodes and movies. I agree, I hope they do more with these characters!