Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII


HR is saying script issues on Episode IX forced the split.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that script issues have continued to be the continuing sore spot with Episode IX’s development with Trevorrow having had repeated stabs at multiple drafts. In August, Jack Thorne, the British scribe who wrote the upcoming Julia Roberts-Jacob Tremblay movie Wonder, was tapped to work on the script.

Sources say that the working relationship between Trevorrow and Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy became unmanageable. Kennedy, who had already been through one director firing/replacement on the Han Solo spin-off, was not eager for a sequel and tried to avoid this decision.

I assume part of the difficulty with Trevorrow is that he started with a treatment that involved whatever plan Lucasfilm had for Leia’s role in the final confrontation with Kylo Ren. When Fisher died, the rumor is that a lot of that writing had to be thrown out and Trevorrow just couldn’t pivot fast enough. Throw in his Book of Henry performance, and Kennedy had good reason to get rid of him.


Either way Lucasfilm has a rocky going behind he scenes so far. Rogue One had extensive reworking, of course the Han Solo bruhah, and now this.

The first two films have been reviewed well,and done great at the box office, but if Solo falters and IX falls into the same problems does Disney begin to look at Kennedy needing to be replaced?


I’m guessing Rian is too busy with Episode VIII to put much more than a treatment down. Maybe Lawrence Kasdan can come up with a new screenplay, and his son Jake can get behind the camera.

Or maybe George Lucas is free.


As I said earlier, there was zero chance that wasn’t going to happen, even if this is earlier than expected. He’s a complete clown incapable of producing anything other than drek which was never going to fly with Disney. Even if I don’t like Disney’s committee-design approach, there is at least a minimum quality that the approach guarantees.


I don’t know anything about the guy but it seems like if he’s competent enough to be able to handle the Jurassic Park franchise he should be ok with Star Wars. I guess we’ll never know the whole story.


Deadline reports that insiders suggest that Johnson is the front contender to take on Episode IX, but it’s not a done deal. The Hollywood Reporter think J.J. returning is a possibility, too.


This is fine with me.

Or how about somebody with some character horror cred? Like Robert Eggers or Jeremy Saulnier?

Jesus. What the fuck are they doing over there?


“Well, if there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.”




Is there a translation available for the rest of us?


He’s referencing Lord and Miller being kicked off Han Solo.


Also Tony Gilroy being brought in on Rogue One.


And Josh Trank getting pulled. It’s really the 4th time a Star Wars director has been transitioned.


Producing a wretched movie that was a commercial success for reasons completely unrelated to himself doesn’t define competence. Every single movie he’s done has been wretched. Jurassic World worked because it had been a long time since the earlier movies and Chris Pratt is a genuine star. It’s hard to imagine a worse movie that what we got though.


Jurassic World wasn’t wretched just totally by the numbers and generic. Also Safety Not Garunteed as received very well(90% Tomato score).


Ah. Waititi is the name of a director. Makes sense now. Read like Greek to me last night. Thanks.


I do have to say that I kind of feel bad for Trevorrow now. The guy gave up Jurassic World 2 to do this, and now he doesn’t even get Star Wars. I guess he might get a writing credit, depending on how much of his stuff gets into the final script, but man, that’s got to suck.


We thought video games were being made more like movies. Now movies are being made more like video games.


That could be considered a form of wretchedness. Especially when there was so much potential that seemed to have been actively avoided in favor of dumb stuff.


I dont. The word is that he is somewhat of an egomaniacal bitch to work with and Kennedy has made it clear that when it comes the the Star Wars saga, its her way or the highway, period. He had to know what he was in for. From all Ive read, he wanted things his way even when it was against Kennedy’s wishes so she showed him the door. If you want in on the franchise, them is da rules. Future directors should probably accept the reality of this dynamic because she has shown no fear of firing a director.


So, that’s taken care of.