Steam Trading Thread


does anyone have a copy of Half-Life 2 Episode 2 lying around? I am 100% sure I’ve played it but Steam doesn’t think I own it and I can’t find a receipt and I wanted to play with a mod I saw posted here.

I have a bunch of random TF2 stuff from previous Steam events and a copy of Gothic 4 if anyone wants those.


I’m looking for a copy of all Orcs must die 1. I have Cybermancy and Left for Dead 2. If anyone is interested, send me a message on Steam. I’m Psychcaptain.


Don’t have any of those atm sorry!

Looking for a spot in a borderlands2 4 pack tho!



have: Portal 2 75% off coupon

will trade for SPAZ or KB: Armored Princess.

pm me if interested


I have the same Portal 2 75% off coupon too, oddly enough. Free for grabs.


Looks like I have the Portal 2 75% off coupon also, and since I already own the game it’s got no value to me. I’ll send it to whoever wants it that hasn’t already taken up karnisov or Lamalo on their offers. Or hell, if you’re just accumulating Portal 2 coupons, that’s cool too.


I also have a 75% off Portal 2 coupon, along with copies of Titan Quest and the original Kings Bounty. If anyone has a spare Orcs Must Die 2 lying around I would be interested in that.


I have two codes for Dirt 3 on Steam. TRADE ME SOME SHIZNIT FOR IT!

edit: traded.


I have a 50% off code for Anno 2070 good until the end of September. I would be interested in trading for TorchLight 2.



I’ve got torchlight(1) and Civ V to trade.

I would love a borderlands II install if someone has one.


Darkness 2
Shoot many robots



I have Raceteer. Would trade for FTL or Mark of The Ninja. I can’t stand cute Japanese anime.


I’ve ended up with an extra steam key for Borderlands 2.

I thought I would see if anyone wants to maybe gift me Waking Mars in exchange for it? Seems like an equitable trade, right? Feel free to PM me if interested.


Have Frozen Synapse Gift to Trade, would like Chivalry if poss or War of the Roses.

Also have a couple of “The Ship” to gift if anyone is interested PM me.


Looking for a Don’t Starve Steam Beta. I can trade the entire set of War of the Rose (House of York Deluxe Edition), the House of York DLC, and the House of Lancaster DLC.


I have a spare key for crusader kings 2 I got from the amazon deal a few days ago. I would love a copy of DMC or Farcry 3, but I know that’s pushing it. I would also be up for trading for some of the cheaper games on my wishlist. Such as Antichamber and the cave.


I have steam keys for Mark of Ninja and Deadlight.

I’m looking for any of:

Don’t Starve
Portal 2
Little Inferno
Waking Mars

PM me if you want to offer something else in trade?


Trading all of the following steam keys for Dungeon Siege 3 and its DLC:

Crusader Kings 2 with all DLCs

Warlock with all DLCs

War of Roses House of York Deluxe and 2 DLCs.

Thanks for looking :)


So, I have:
Bioshock 1 (## gone ##)
Alpha Protocol (## gone ##)
Darkness 2

All Steam Keys.
As The Darkness 2 is a newish game, I’d like to trade for something newish too. Tell me what you have.


I will be getting a copy of XCOM from GMG due to BioShock Infinite preorder… Anyone want to trade XCOM?