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Your steaming cup of Saturday Morning Battletech.


Just out of curiosity, what do you guys use to multistream? Right now, I have been using OBS to stream to Twitch, but am interested in streaming to youtube and facebook (and maybe mixer too) as well.


I stopped streaming to anything but Twitch because YouTube and everything else has trash monetization options.


restream. I stopped after I kept getting people not following me any more because I multistreamed. That and how Youtube is useless.


I use, which is pretty great.


Streaming some Battlerite soon.


Is this some sort of promotion aspect where multistreamers get shit placement or did people actually say “I’m not following you because you’re a multistreamer?”


People complained because I was multistreaming


WTF? Fuck those people



Yeah, I didn’t get it either.


Wow, I’ve never gotten such a complaint. Freaking weird.


It was really weird. Bummed me out pretty bad.


I am sorry to hear that! But wait, the complaints were numerous or compelling enough to get you to stop?


it was only a couple, but I was trying to get Twitch followers at the time and I just kind of threw up my hands.


Dude, fuck them, you do and multistream the shit out of yo shit.


I have so many videos left to release! Anyway, here’s new RimWorld, Wolfenstein II and SPAZ 2.


I made a video of me streaming Assassins Creed Origin, just to see if i could. Would anybody care to see it? It’s pretty much nothing but me wandering around talking about history and not playing.


I might. That sounds more interesting than just watching you running around stabbing guys.


Add me to the list as well.