Street Fighter 6: Live services

I believe most people are starting to hover their fingers over those buttons, rather than for a throw tech, especially since the throw window is bigger in this game.

I haven’t figured out how to break the defense of someone in a corner sitting on my drive impact. The mediocre players can be thrown but the good ones are like a wall. The bad players… it’s probably best not to talk about them.

I spent my last few hours of the beta messing around with some of the combat system features that I didn’t use in ranked because I was too much of a wimp. I still have a lot more to unpack.

Now I need to spend two weeks getting all my projects done before the full game comes out.

I spent all night losing at 4 stars silver, but then of course on my last play till I lose (right at my already too late bedtime) I go on a 10 game winning streak and rank up to gold. Enjoying the game but my execution is total garbage right now.

My YouTube feed is suddenly full of character guide videos and other tips and tricks I really want to try, but now the beta is over. I guess I’ll take some notes.

Aaaand preordered. My first Street Fighter. Should be fun.

This is reviewing phenomenally well. I’ve been working my way towards a $100 Xbox gift card with Microsoft rewards, intending to use it on Diablo IV, but…

Denuvo and overwatch styled pass confirmed today. Expect steam reviews to suffer.

US unlock is at midnight (48 hours from now). Too bad! It seems to be one of those releases where it’s simultaneous across the globe except in the US for some strange reason.

After the beta was cracked, Denuvo was kind of expected, really.

It took me a long time to get the joke when YouTube comments would say “this player is cracked!” Obviously that’s slang for really good or crazy — especially since I’m watching Ken videos. But the amount of times it appeared seemed unusual. I finally realized the double meaning for someone that’s so good they’ve probably been playing the cracked beta.

I believe you can get a free copy of Super Turbo if you own SF5 and SF6 and link them here (and you have to do it to play 6 online)

There’s an English option in the upper right or click below. Or I think you just login to your Capcom ID and it shows it to you.

I’ve read that after the day one balance patch, Ken no longer has a true throw loop in the corner. Which is funny because I distinctly remember them making the exact same balance change early in SF5 — I know this because I abused it constantly! I figured if they were allowing it again in SF6 that it must be intentional.

It looks like I was wrong and they were simply being absent-minded.

Anyway, Capcom silliness aside, it’s probably a good change overall.

I hope they fixed the Kimberly infinite corner loop. She’s annoying enough without that already. :)

Debating whether to try a New Zealand VPN or just get some work done today.

Kimberly lost her invincible reversal. They might be keeping the grime but making her a glass cannon.

I got work tonight, and a cold so I can wait one more day.

Looks like it’s bugged anyway on PC. A lot of people are reporting a DLC error when trying to enter Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub only lets you select Luke and Ryu. I’ll wait patiently. [EDIT] Fixed now.

Marisa’s damage looks scary. Parrying seems to be useful against her charge moves. It’ll be interesting to see how it is to fight against her at low ranks.

Also it looks like throw loops got buffed, not taken away?!

Marisa damage at lvl 0 isn’t that scary. It’s when she gets a couple of grabs (she has a hit-grab that also increases the counter) that it gets scary.

I think her neutral game is also supposed to be kinda weak, she’s kinda like Abel from SF4.

Can you backdash on wakeup to beat a throw loop attempt? I suspect you likely can (downside is any strike you’d lose, but you wouldn’t eat a punish counter)