Street Fighter 6: Live services

played a casual match as Manon, got a close win first game, double perfect second. I’ll take it. Now on to Diablo

Has everyone moved to New Zealand?

matchmaking was instant and connection good, so I’m guessing many people are there. I came back for Diablo

Game launched first there, lot of folks using VPNs to start a few hours early.

Yeah, I know. It was a poor attempt at a joke. ;)

You mean Manon? She looks pretty scary too with the extra levels, and they carry between rounds which is interesting. Marisa just hits things really hard.

Watching streams of all the other characters is actually kind of anti-hype because they all look so cool, hah. I just want to get in there and mess with my character.

The weather in New Zealand is beautiful

Indeed! I can’t pick a main. With a few exceptions (not really interested in playing Kimberly or Zangief), I’ll try them all and figure out which one “vibes” with me the best.

Niiiice. :D

Ok maybe new zealand wasn’t such a good idea…had one good match but 2 others in slow motion lol

Already 90 minutes in… man I suck at these quick combos. I even gave up on the trials to go to bed.

Tomorrow it’s time for training!

I won’t be able to play until later today. Hopefully I’ll get more time in the weekend!

The training mode frame meter is really amazing to help visualize link timing. I can let my brain wrap its head around exactly where I should be inputting the next move and then start doing it by feel.

Man, I’m not a big 6-button game fan but I live for good fighting game tutorial/teaching systems. This game is blowing me away. Everything about it pushes new players to just get a little better at a time and not get discouraged. They explain the motivation behind every mechanic in a consistent way.

I forget the name of the easy controls (not Modern, but Dynamic or something?) but it has its own tutorial that I went through to figure out how my kids might like playing–and even that was awesome.

I’ve only played an hour of World Tour, which seems fine but kind of turned me off of Modern controls due to the limited or inconsistent moveset for the create-a-character. In the main modes, I randomly chose Lily to start and haven’t wanted to switch away yet. She’s a ton of fun to zip around the screen.

I’m 4.5 hours in and noticing some subtle things with Ken.

In SF5 he had a nice crouching heavy punch anti-air run cancel into side switch that served as a cheap mixup. It’s still here but the cr.HP only has a 2 frame cancel window now so it’s really tight. Too bad.

One thing that scares me is reports of the ranked placement matches putting people at way too high of a rank. Someone in the Discord reported that he only beat Bronze players in the placement matches and it put him in Platinum. My short-term goal is to make it to Platinum. I don’t want the placement matches to put me there!

That’s mildly insane.

I’m utterly fascinated by the in-game frame meter and the 50% speed option. My brain can really dig into the underlying mechanics of how links, cancels, and the input buffer work. Even the extra frames you get from hitstop. It’s helping me connect the dots on some things.

I didn’t turn that on yet, but it sounds fantastic. I’ll have to try it out over lunch today

I did turn on the voice commentary feature and it was so much fun! It really made the matches feel more exciting.

Is anyone interested in creating a QT3 “Club” in the game? I’m not entirely sure how they work, but if it lets me passively match with other folks when they happen to be online, that’d be neat!

I would love that. And with crossplay it doesn’t matter what platform we chose, and that’s awesome!