Street Fighter 6: Live services

I decided I’m going to do the opposite of most people and focus on my main character until I’m happy with him, then try out the rest of the cast to explore the rest of the game.

And what is your main?

I want to experiment a bit but I’ll probably go with either Dee Jay, E. Honda, or Manon.

I’m trying Dhalsim and Manon and would love to spar with some of you.

I’m out of town tonight but I’d be happy to spar the rest of the weekend with people! I’ll just pretend like it’s training.

I placed at gold with a ranking of about 9000, slowly grinded my way up to platinum , my rating is 13090 now.

I thought this video was pretty decent HOW TO GET GOOD AT STREET FIGHTER 6 - YouTube

with whom? ranking is per character which I am very grateful for.

Ryu. 14353 now

Welp, if anyone’s interested there’s now a club called QuarterToThree with crossplay enabled :)

So you can only make one avatar character for the world tour?

Yes, only one, but you can change it whenever you want (and you can save a number of presets, so you can switch between your favorite looks).

I joined the club. ID is tooler975. Send me a challenge and I’ll be happy to accept! [EDIT] Looks like you have to create a custom room in Fighting Grounds to send an invite. You can set the room to be friends / club members only, which is cool.

Finally got my Platinum just now- took me a lot more effort than I thought it would. I think I picked a char (Lily) that didn’t really mesh with me. It’s hard to run a grappler style when you also need distance to gain wind stocks.

I just thought wind+grappler would mesh well because I used Talim in SC6, and I play a lot of grapplers.

This game is a lot higher execution and effort than SF5 or Strive.

So far the ones I enjoy playing the most are Manon, E. Honda, and Ryu. Dee Jay is great but a bit too advanced for me, it seems. And I can’t work out how to break crouching blocks with Dhalsim, and it also seems a bit too advanced for me.

Marisa could be an option. She has a lot of plus on block moves and some serious mixups, while not being too difficult to play. We’ll see.

I love the way Jamie moves, and his animations are fantastic, but I’m not much of a rushdown person. But who knows? Maybe I’ll try it later.

Twitter has plenty of tech and fun combos for each character. Just search for #SF6_charactername

Unfortunately the embeds don’t work anymore on Discourse but you get the idea.

That’s part of my issue- I’ve dumped Twitter for months, and on mastodon isn’t about gameplay

All these hyper optimal combos on the Internet and here I’m happy I found the dirt simplest punish counter for Ken: standing heavy punch, run cancel, dragon punch. It’s all cancels with no links, it works in every situation, and it does like 40 damage less than the optimal meterless combo.

Putting the 3K button next to my heavy punch is still the best move I’ve made for this character. It makes the target combo run cancel stuff just braindead easy.

After 11 hours of practice and goofing around, I decided it was time to get back into ranked, where the real practice begins. Just focused on landing super basic stuff with the tension of a real game.

I won my first 5 placement matches, got matched up with a Diamond player, then lost the next 4 out of 5. After all that it put me in silver. That’s perfect!

Almost everyone is playing with the new characters, which is great. I get a chance to learn how to beat them.

I need to get some practice and spar time, been sucked in by diablo

I suck at these kinds of games so I’m just playing world mode and beating up on grannies and teens.

Will never play enough to get gud but I like they have so many modes now so everyone can have some fun.

It’s unbelievable how many times I have to tell this game I would prefer to play with Classic controls and not Modern. I don’t know in what universe I would want to use different control schemes between training and online battles (or between Luke and Ryu), yet every single game mode and character seems to have its own settings for this.

Anyhoo, joined the qt3 club and interested in playing some games. Trying to learn JP and not just play Ryu like I usually do but it’s so hard for me to fight my character muscle memory.