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Are peanuts bad for parrots?


Salted or unsalted?


I have fed human grade peanuts to parrots as a treat many times. The issue with peanuts is twofold. The peanuts that are packaged in general bird food are not human grade. They aren’t held to the higher standard. They may have Aspergillus fungus on the shells to begin with. And the process of mixing them with other food can transfer it to the shelled variety in the mix.

The point is that the occasional peanut, that you yourself would eat, is not dangerous. But feeding a parrot a diet of peanuts has another problem. Peanuts are also high in fat. Parrots can get fatty liver disease.

So, while I understand the issues with peanuts, going all NEVER FEED PARROTS PEANUTS is silly. If you will occasionally give a parrot one of your peanuts, no problem. If you buy that mixed crap at a pet shop, the one with the stuff in it that you can’t recognize, you may have a problem.

P.S. Never salt. Bad shit. For a parrot.


That sounds delicious.




I hate you. I laughed. But I still hate you.


Pinkerton wanted me to take legal action against you for intentional infliction of emotional distress but I told him I only represent paying clients and I do not accept French Fries as currency.


what about whataboutism


Yea, but that’s 5 whataboutisms to only 1 Trump. 5 to 1, surely the math works in Trump’s favor.


It’s not even whataboutism. The complaint isn’t that Trump met Putin. It’s meeting in secret and showing all signs of being under his thumb.


Try looking at it without using your brain.




Every time I click on one of these to save it for you, it makes Facebook think I want to see more of them. You are welcome.

Also, I would note, highest average bubble gum prices in history. The HORROR


Is any of that true? The claims on the poster I mean.


I mean 8 years of war, but that’s not going to stop and he got us out of Iraq. We’d had 7 years before he got there, so…

High health insurance… yes. He slowed it down, but it literally never stops rising so every month is a “new record”.

People on food stamps? Probably at the start, since we had just cratered into a recession, that’s how those work.

National Debt. Again it never stops growing. Notice how they didn’t say anything about deficits since he actually shrunk those.

As for the rest, who knows. You can make any case you want if you’re willing to ignore any and all context.


Yes and no. Shiva’s response is right on, but most of the other ones (food stamps, low economic growth, poverty level) were pretty much guaranteed to be in place for whomever followed Bush II, be they Republican, Democrat, or Korg. Honestly, the fact that there was ANY positive economic growth in the years after 2008 is a testament to Obama’s leadership.

I’m not really sure where the “rioting” one comes from. Ferguson and Baltimore I suppose… but surely they weren’t worse than the Rodney King riots in LA?

Record number of mass shootings… probably. Basically ever since Columbine, each POTUS gets that title since they never seem to ebb.


Obama literally saved the country, and likely world, from a depression that was handed to him after the GOP and their bankers looted the country for 8 years. The fact that he turned it around is amazing. And he did what was possible to start providing actual health insurance to everyone, given the obstructionist GOP. And he did it all with intelligence, grace, and a willingness to work with the GOP - possibly his biggest error, but hard to rage against, since it is in fact how the USA should work.


“Lowest economic growth in American history” is false.

While average GDP growth per quarter under Obama was an an anemic 1.2%, during the administration of Herbert Hoover, who presided over the onset of the Great Depression, it was far, far worse: -6.9% (And there are probably some other pre-WW2 presidents who had worse economies than Obama as well, e.g.Grover Cleveland.)

It is true that Obama has the worst GDP growth for any post World War 2 president. But that ignores a couple of important factors. For one thing, the 20 years or so after WW2 were an anomalous period: the rest of the industrialized world blowing itself to smithereens and needing to rely on the US to rebuild was an extraordinary event that is not (we hope) to be repeated. The numbers of Ike, JFK, and LBJ are juked by that. Likewise the end of the Cold War helps juke the numbers for Bill Clinton.

The other thing to remember is the direction of the trendlines. The economy started out great under Bush 2, but ended up a nightmare. Obama inherited an economic nightmare from Bush 2 - but by the time Obama left office, the economy was the smoothly humming dynamo (in terms of GDP growth) we know today, and that Trump likes to take credit for.

Things got worse under Bush 2. Things got better under Obama.


Trump has not turned around a single item on that meme in the 18 months he’s been in office. In fact, you could create a similar meme that says under Trump:

  • We’ve been at war since the day he was elected (16 years and counting)
  • Economic growth has declined since Obama’s terms
  • We’ve had the worst mass shooting in American history, and more than ever before in a 12 month period
  • We have record high health insurance costs and more people without insurance than under Obama
  • We have record high national debt
  • There have been more protests and riots since the Civil Rights Movement
  • There has been an increase in the number of people living below the poverty line

Funny how that works. And funny how anyone with even rudimentary reasoning skills can deduce that it’s a con job, which means most of today’s GOP voters CAN NOT.

I still believe that Education Reform is desperately needed in this country because our electorate is staggeringly undereducated. Now social media has compounded that problem tenfold, spreading disinformation and outright ridiculous lies like they are truth, and people don’t have the education or the reasoning skills to tell otherwise.


I’m not sure Obama did anything significant enough economic policy wise to really move the needle either way. The claim that he was responsible for the post-recession bounceback (such as it was) seems to me almost as dubious as the claim that he was responsible for low average growth rates through his presidency.

If I was looking for Obama achievements I’d point at Obamacare, Iran (although we still need to see where that goes) and getting the US to take climate change seriously. Unsurprisingly Trump’s GOP want to reverse all of these.