Stupid shit you see on Facebook



It’s genuinely scary how fast this shit disseminates. Tweet on on a Sunday, the meme army in full force a few hours later. (Though it pleases me that Kaepernick’s silent protest is destroying an awful org like the NFL)


That’s bullshit anyway, they’ll support the NFL till the day they die.

They just want to sweep the stuff they don’t like back under the rug, but don’t think for a second they are going to stop watching football.


I don’t think they’ll stop watching, Where else can you gorge on advertisements for cheap beer (Dilly, Dilly!) and expensive cars while simultaneously fulfilling your casual gambling addiction? ;) But seriously, I was more remarking on how fast stupid shit we see on FB materializes and spreads, it’s seems like it’s accelerating, faster than even during the election.


It was always fairly quick but you’re right that the dissemination is very fast now. I suspect most of it is using the same services and channels that were forged for the election. Anytime I saw stupid shit like by someone, it almost always from with some pro-Trump/anti-Hillary page or the like. No reason to turn off the propaganda machine and you need to keep those eyes incensed so they’ll be around next time you’re pushing an agenda.




They also want to remind me that Trump is, “my president,” and therefore I should show him respect.

Well, it could also be from a hell of a lot of people that don’t even live in the U.S., or perhaps aren’t even real people at all. The top hashtag, of course, is “taketheknee.”



Holy moly, you ain’t kidding.


Someone else posted that here a while back. I keep it on a tab now and check it whenever I see something posted that seems … forced. It is sobering to look at.


It doesn’t matter what the players do if they protest. They could salute the flag during the anthem and then issue a protest statement, and these people would still condemn them.

The only way these people would be on board with NFL players protesting is if they were protesting in favor of the 2nd Amendment, repeal of the ACA, etc. Then the players would be the “heroes.”


The condemnation is coming from people who don’t want to be shown the ugly side of what they have become.
They don’t want to be forced to face the flaws of our society, because it makes them feel bad. Rather than dealing with those feelings, and improving the world, they would rather just sweep them under the rug and pretend they don’t exist.


I hopped on to Facebook a bit ago and as if on queue, was inundated with back and forth posts on NFL players taking the knee or refusing to show for the national anthem. One thing is for sure, when Trump stirs up a controversy, both sides take it to Facebook.

Maybe we just need to ban social media for six months in the lead up to the next Presidential election.


Why limit it to 6 months.

Just scrap the whole thing. I’m for that.


I agree with that as well.


I always have to remember I’m like half the age of the average poster here when everyone treats social media like value-less garbage ;-)

Mind you, Craig’s got like 3 years on me at most but he’s cranky.


Get off our lawns.


Kids, man. They age you at least 5 years. I’m 33 going on 40.


I spent an hour or two today trying to do my patented empathy thang on my Michigan cousin’s facebook page. She’s in the Air Force and felt offended by the NFL protest. I was extremely diplomatic and dropped that pithy quote I read here (“People who go on hunger strikes aren’t protesting food.” So good!)

I was respectful and acknowledged her point while gently urging her to acknowledge the core issue. It didn’t seem to work. And surprise, surprise, at one point someone even dropped a parenthetical (ALL lives matter.) I didn’t directly address that person because fuck her, she’s beneath contempt, but I indirectly tossed her salad by using another quote I read here… (As Houston is drowning in flood waters, you don’t shout to the rescue workers, “ALL cities matter.”)

I’d give myself an A for effort but at no point did anyone drop the false dichotomy nonsense and engage in even one word of discussion about the core issue of race or police brutality. I will now attempt to maintain a quiet and dignified optimism that maybe one person might look at these things a little differently after our so-called discussion. It’s either that or admit they’re just ignorant bigots. Heaven forfend!


Shit like this:

Usually prefaced with:
“98% of people can’t get this!!!”

I doubt 98% of people can’t do algebra and you’re not a genius if you can.

But oh, there is also order of operations! OH SHIT IT’S ON!


To be fair order of operations isn’t the trick here. It’s actually a visual trick.