Suggest a game for my gamepad

Little background, never really owned consoles and mostly played strategy games on my pc.

So I got some logitech gamepads, the ones with the 2 joysticks ala playstation.

So I’m just wondering, what computer games out there can I use these with?

Ive been playing assasins creed with it, which is fine but I’m looking for something more arcade ish. Can be old or new.

Something smash tv like, or crusader: no regret, some sort of action rpg, etc…

Any suggestions?

Biased but… Lost Planet? It’s cheap on Steam…

Bionic Commando: Rearmed.

I am in a similar case as well. I have recently bought a 360 controller for my PC as I do not own any consoles.

I have only played Devil May Cry 4 and Wolverine with it so far. I prefer to aim with my mouse.

I can’t think of anything on the PC that would be a great use of a dual analog stick.

A single analog stick, sure. But dual?! Let’s not get crazy.

Well, doesn’t have to be using both analogs stick, I guess I just said that to be more specific.

I’m basically wanting a console-arcade-no need for mouse or keyboard type game to just chill and play.

Last remnant, any sort of emulated game on pc.

oh and i’m not sure what logitech controller you got, but i had one in the past and it was a nightmare trying to get it to work with most games, even worse trying to get both joysticks working. Eventually got a 360 controller which was easy and automatic.

Every console port game? Which you control the movement with one stick, and camera with another.

Most FPS games are pretty chill to play on easy mode with a gamepad. Maybe something more exploratory, or 3rd person.

Spelunky, Emulators, Sports-games, maybe Oblivion?


Saints Row 2.

Damn, but that game sucks with a keyboard. At least the driving does…

Plenty of Geometry Wars clones. Or check out the demo for Aces Wild, an indie fighting game that uses both sticks.

Well, at the very least you should probably stop playing racing games with your keyboard.

Ohh, that reminds me. Midtown Madness 2.

Wolverine. Prince of Persia. Assassin’s Creed. Be sure to use Xinput Emulator 3.0!

Metal Gear Solid 2
Silent Hill 3
Burnout Paradise
Devil May Cry 4
Virtua Tennis 3
Jade Empire
sports games…

If you have 64 bit vista/xp, be sure NOT to use Xinput Emulator 3.0! Use version 2.1 instead.

Lost Planet is much better with the mouse.

What’s the advantage of 2.1? I’ve not really has any trouble in Vista 64 on the games I’ve tried.


version 3 crashes in vista x64 if force feedback is enabled.