Suicide Squad - The Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Boomerang walk into a bar


We have a sequel director.

Gavin O’Conner directed The Accountant and Warrior


Now that’s a buddy movie!


Also sounds like my favorite light metal band.


I don’t actually even know where to put this. WTF is happening at Warner Bros


I am so confused right now.


I kind of get it. People hated Leto’s Joker, and I can picture Phoenix doing nutty just fine. I’m more worried about Todd Phillips directing.


But Leto may reprise in Squad 2. So … this will … it won’t … it doesn’t …

@BrianRubin is right: I am so confused right now.


Love or hate his portrayal, Joker was not the reason why this movie wasn’t great.


WB said this is the plan. They’ll have the main Justice League story and characters, but everything else will be one-offs and may or may not be part of that movie canon. Basically, they’re going to throw whatever they’ve got at the wall and see what sticks.


I’m guessing the cloning of Heath Ledger was a complete failure.


A god damned shame, that is.


One of the (few) decent things that DC has done in the last decade or so was to obliterate the Joker’s origin story – he was a madman with no past or an ever-shifting one (c.f., Ledger’s multiple stories about his “dad” in Dark Knight). An official origin story sound like a terrible idea.


I think I said this earlier. The Joker origin story should be a Tales from the Crypt/Creepshow style movie. 4 different stories, narrated by Joker with a meta plot stitching them together. It’s a perfect fit for the character.


Cathy Yan wrote and directed Dead Pigs.


I have never heard of Dead Pigs, but Margot Robbie was the main reason to watch Suicide Squad so I am tentatively pleased.


When was Harley Quinn ever in the Birds of Prey?


Same here, tentatively optimistic.


She was in the short-lived TV show. Played by Mia Sara, no less!


just a link to the recent direct to video animated suicide squad movie and thread i made for it: New direct to video Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

looks like i should have created the thread here, in movies, instead of tenuously relating it to the comic book source.


Dunno, maybe she came along for the ride once or twice when they got Catwoman to cross sides and help out? Not that I really care what comic background there may be, if we get a fun movie with both Harley and the Birds in it.