In case you aren’t aware, tonight the CW is airing a one hour retrospective on the first nine seasons of the show. I’m hoping for some interesting actor, writer, and director interviews, but we’ll see.




Not a problem Brian. I’d hate for you to miss it! Now come down to San Diego and visit me and my wife sometime, dammit. We’ve never had a chance to hang out in person.


It’ll happen mate, don’t worry. Not sure when I’ll be down there next. Do y’all ever come up to LA at all?


It’s rare but it happens on occasion. I know you moved further south, which helps, but I think I remember you saying you have a cat, and I’m deathly allergic.

Last night’s retrospective was fun. I thought it was especially appropriate that Carver Edlund/Chuck Shirley did the voice over narration. I hope it means he’ll show up again this season.


There are always restaurants. ;) Honestly though, no idea when I’m heading down next, but I’ll let you know for sure.


Episode 1 of season 10 was…ok. Nothing too amazing but they are setting up the storylines, so I get it. Castiel is dying and needs grace or who knows what. Dean’s a badass with black eyes. He’s drinking and screwing and beating up people – if only he could sing! Some mysterious guy has it out for him. Sam is looking for Dean. Crowley is in the mix and who knows what his angle is? My ultimate feeling about this first episode is…it was good to see all the boys again!


Good summary, Mark. A serviceable premier that won’t win any awards but wasn’t bad, either. It was good to see Dean return to his drinkin’, screwin’, and fightin’ roots, if only for a while.


I liked the end of the episode a lot. Supernatural, while a good show, tends to take the bromance between the brothers a little too far at times. Deans response to the blackmail attempt was exactly what I wanted to hear from him in that moment.


Yeah, I can do with a little less of the bromance. It can get old. I can also do with less of the angels. I just find the whole power struggle in heaven subplot boring. Crowley, OTOH, I can never get enough of.


Agree with all that, love love Crowley, Dean’s reaction was surprising in a good way, and I love all the plot threads this set up.


I really was excited for this show when it was “Two monster hunter brothers in their hotrod, who travel the country using Weekly World News articles as leads to find and hunt the monster of the week”. As soon as it became angels and demons, I checked out. I came back once because I heard Felicia Day was on it, and I hoped they were going to let a monster eat her, but it turned out to be something about fairytales come to life - at which point I checked out permanently.


You’ve missed some amazing stuff. The yellow-eyed demon plot drives seasons 2 and 3, and it’s solid. 4 and 5 are dominated by angels and are some of the best TV ever made. Subsequent seasons aren’t as good, but have many gems and are still way better than almost everything else on the air. That’s not to say that the monster hunting road trip formula was bad, but there’s only so many variants on it you can pull off before it gets repetitive.


They still do monster hunting episodes every season. It’s just that they always have a season-long story arc, and for many of the seasons that involves both angels and demons. Like Dave said seasons 4 and 5 are great. I thought the Leviathan season was great too, with Dean’s vampire friend, Bobby’s demise, etc. That’s the season Felicia Day made her debut.

Felicia Day’s been in quite a few episodes. The fairy-tale one was so-so. I enjoyed the Dorothy of Oz episode with Felicia more. That’s the last we’ve seen of her.


They do, and they tend to induce nostalgia in the audience. Every time they pour salt in doorways and windowsills to ward off a ghost or swing an iron poker through one, you remember the show’s origins (and in a positive way). Ten seasons of nothing but that would have ended about seven seasons ago, though.




LOL, just watched it myself. Poor Baby! That’s way worse than getting Christine’d. But I’m loving what they’re doing with Dean. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


The end with Crowley staring at the picture on his cell phone was priceless. I can’t believe how much I still love this show after all these seasons.

Hoping they don’t resolve the Deanmon (ugh, I can’t actually call him that) thing too quickly. Would like to see it be the central storyline this season.


Deanmon. UGH. Sounds like something a marketing douche would come up with. Besides the CAR thing (UGH), Crowley’s face when that one demon was talking about “conversions” fucking killed me.


Episode 2 was very good. Lots of good Dean and Crowley moments. Loved Dean’s assignment and the way it turned out. Good dialog throughout, including Metatron’s snarling jail cell discourse. And another rare episode where there wasn’t a single killing of a supernatural entity.

I was worried about how I’d feel about Deanmon but I like his new edge. He was always a badass but he’s double-downed on the badassery.