You can always watch it on a computer, too. Better than missing it.


Thought the first episode started out strong. Looking forward to this season!


Agreed, great first episode! Really set up some nice threads for the season.


Two episodes in and it’s feeling pretty good so far. I like that for once things are seeming a little more low key than the world ending horrors of the previous seasons. I’m sure we’ll get to some of that but it feels nice to slow things down a bit.

I can’t believe this show is in it’s twelfth season and is still fun to watch. It’s obviously not as great as it once was but it still hits it out of the park a few times a season (I loved Baby last season and the musical in season 10 was fantastic). The wife and I binged everything pretty hard before season 8 started so we came to it pretty late. We did those seven seasons in about two months. We got so into it that we even went to one of the Supernatural conventions. It was not quite what I expected. The Q&A stuff with the cast was fun though.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s still fun to watch. The wife and I will bitch about things but at the end of the episode we’re still looking forward to the next one. It’s gonna be a long week.


I agree with your initial statement, and will go so far as to not hedge my bets against the Qt3 hivemind and proclaim I love this show just as much now as I did when I was watching the first several seasons on Netflix. It’s never dipped in quality or interest for me.


I’m really enjoying this season so far. Love that we are back to mystery of the week stuff. At least for now.


I’m a couple of episodes behind, but yeah, I’m liking how…small and focused this feels so far. God said the earth will be fine, so let’s get personal. Love it.

Oh and so far Mary is great. Loving that they brought her back.


All caught up!! What a crazy great season so far!



Took a few seasons off and cruising through 11 on netflix now. I guess it’s kind of a running joke now, but is there anything the Winchesters have actually made better? It seems like every season is just them cleaning up a mess that they created (normally because of lying to each other).


At the end of season 5, they had ended the apocalypse, which wasn’t altogether their fault, I don’t think. At any rate, they did leave things better than when they started. They just couldn’t leave things alone.


Fair. I should’ve added the addendum “since season 5”


In that case, you’re right, it’s all their fault and they should have retired. For me, at least, nothing after season 5 has been nearly as engaging as the apocalypse arc, anyway.


Season 12 is actually dealing with this very question. ;)


Other question: for a couple of badass hunters (who have killed gods, monsters, everything), how do they manage to let a bunch of randos sneak up on them and knock them out?


Because it’s what the story demanded.


Must say, I am a huge fan of Misha Collins as Lucifer


You mean Casifer? ;) Yeah, that was a lot of fun.


Misha is a national treasure. He was originally supposed to be a 2 - 3 episode guy, but turned out to click with the cast and audience. The rest is history.

His Twitter is amazing too


Binged and caught up. Really enjoying the season so far, probably my favorite in a while. Still has some of the usual issues with the show, but at this point in the run, those aren’t going to be fixed. Chemistry among the cast more than makes up for any of the quibbles.