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Since we don’t have a System Shock 3 thread, and this is where we talk about all things Otherside-related

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (February 11, 2019) – Starbreeze and OtherSide Entertainment have mutually agreed to sell back the publishing rights to OtherSide Entertainment for “System Shock 3”. Starbreeze expects to be fully reimbursed for costs the company has had in connection with development of the game.

Starbreeze acquired the publishing rights for “System Shock 3” in 2017 and has since then partly financed the development of the game. The title owner OtherSide Entertainment and Starbreeze have now reached an agreement whereby Starbreeze returns the publishing rights for the game to OtherSide and will be able to recoup the development costs.

“I believe this is the best solution for us, although it is sad that we cannot complete the project with OtherSide. System Shock 3 is a fantastic title developed in cooperation with the industry legend Warren Spector and I am looking forward to seeing the game released”, said Mikael Nermark, acting CEO Starbreeze AB.

As previously announced, Starbreeze will focus on its core business of games development and publishing. Starbreeze holds publishing titles for “Psychonauts 2” and “Ten Crowns”.

That’s interesting. I assume Otherside must have some alternative financial backing that will allow them to complete development.

I gather they are still working on UA, too – there is supposedly a big update due this month. I’m still keeping half an eye on that one, hoping they create something worth buying.

Yeah, it’s off of my wishlist but still on my radar.

Damn, Stephen Kick of Night Dive fame doesn’t sound too happy!

Gotta dig deeper.

Sorry Telefrog. I tried searching for System Shock 3, Otherside, Spector, and even Google’d Quarter To Three System Shock 3, but nothing came up (well, a thread from 2003 did but I didn’t want to bump it). :/

When searching make sure you use the filters, to make it focus on the games section, and also the very first post.

Thank you. I’ll be sure to do that next time.

That line about Starbreeze being “able to recoup the development costs” sounds pretty concerning, unless they have a new publisher lined-up. I doubt Otherside could afford to self-fund both SS3 and substantial updates for Ascendant out of their own pocket, especially when they have another project under way (Thick as Thieves). I believe the original budget was $12 million, so who knows how much of that the team received? I assume payment stopped a while back given Starbreeze’s recent woes.

He sounds like Stevie Nicks. Bet he didn’t know Tom Petty.

According to the Otherside community manager, as of February 2018, the game was still in pre-production, so even if System Shock 3 immediately entered full production after that post and the Starbreeze stuff didn’t stall development, it’s probably years away from releasing. Crazy to think this was first teased back in 2015, and Starbreeze announced they were backing it two years ago.

Hows this, for obvious reasons I cant say much…
But I’m not worried.

Hopefully they either have the money to self-publish or found a different publisher, either one would probably be a good sign.

The alternative is Starbreeze saw what happened with UW:A and noped the F outta there.

We have very much enjoyed working with Starbreeze on System Shock 3. They’ve been a great partner. As developers themselves they understand the challenges of game development and that’s been refreshing. However, in light of Starbreeze’s current situation, we decided together that it would be best for us to go our separate ways for now. We wish them the best of luck.

OtherSide is rolling forward with System Shock 3. Warren Spector has built a great team and the game is more than halfway completed. At its core, it already feels like a System Shock game, while at the same time introducing new elements to the franchise. As the original creators of the game, we want to see this game made as much as our fans do.

Look for more information about System Shock 3 soon.

Someday, a long time from now I’ll talk about UA.

Awesome! :)
Best of luck with the project.

Good news re Shock3, and I very much look forward to the UW:A post-mortem!

Maybe throw a few feelers out this time before you commit to design. Changes to UA were not for the better, to be honest. Sometimes a simple refinement of a proven formula is enough for a good game.

Totally agreed, and I trust Spector not to f*** up the design of SS3.

The main danger would be competing with Arkane’s efforts – they’ve advanced the immersive sim field, and SS3 should provide something that’s comparable, and preferably advances the state of the art.

Not my team Bateau. I know what you mean tho.