Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Beautiful pics @robc04 and @Alan_Dunkin.


Those are great Alan!

Thanks @geggis!


More action shots with Bolt.

The caption for these is all the same “MUST HAVE BALL!”


Nice! Are you throwing the ball and shooting or do you have an assistant?


Yes, those needed an assistant to throw the ball. The last one took quite a few attempts to get right, especially as the sun was going down and getting the flare was challenging (especially as I had to use a wide aperture to get the shutter speed fast enough).


Those last two in particular are amazing! Compliment Bolt on fine posing. Also, a replacement ball appears to be in your future. :)


That’s great that you can capture the action so clearly. Those are cool pictures.


Thanks. Yes, I love action shots for the way they reveal fleeting moments you’d otherwise miss. My wife thinks I ruined the last photo with a half-chewed ball, though!

Bolt does fine posing, although not always. While we were trying to get a previous shot of him leaping over the log, the tennis ball hit a tree, ricocheted back over the log, Bolt turned to follow and gave me a magnificent shot of his balls.


I don’t really like posed pictures in general. I’d much rather have candids or action shots that capture the moment than a picture that necessarily features a person’s entire smiling face.

My wife is of the opposite opinion, which is sometimes nice because between us, we cover an event pretty well, but illeads to some frustration if she entrusts me with sole photography duty.


I’ve never been a fan of posed pictures in general; “candids” and the unexpected does a lot more for me, unless it’s a particular moment that is genuine. That being said I’m not really a portrait person and people generally aren’t the subject of my photos unless it’s for scale or something.

— Alan


Yes, not a fan either, whether I’m the subject or the photographer. If I’m being asked to do a posed photo I’ll always screw around taking photos before and after when people don’t think I’m actually taking “the shot”, and then I’ll often find they’re better anyway. I learned this from a National Geographic photographer, works really great (just say “sorry just taking a few test pictures to set up the exposure, just ignore me for a minute”).

I’m not averse to setting up awesome action shots of my dogs, though. ;) Even then I’m usually just grabbing opportunities while they’re playing, but the “log jumping” photo I set up specifically.


My birthday treats from my favorite patisserie in Grenoble. My favorite is the right most circular one - A cookie covered with the most buttery creamy caramel, covered in milk chocolate.

Edit: Actually isn’t there some food thread this would be better in?


I’m already hungry and now I see this!






Honestly that doesn’t look too attractive but it sounds amazing. Would probably be my favorite as well. Will have to keep an eye out for them because I would have otherwise instantly passed it up.


I’m all about the taste :-)


Sorry for the late reply, have been too busy with work to post! That’s an incredible write-up. This sounds more up my alley, especially with the telescopes! My natural aversions to throngs of people could probably be put in check for that!

Also, dadgum…a G3 can do that? Wow!


From last week’s 56-mile trek. Next week I’m spending 5 days in Saint Louis and surrounding area, so should be rather different. Still hoping to encourage more people to explore Wyoming! Most of these photos were taken on my Note 8.

Gannett Peak in background:

Passing through basins, moraines, and glaciers:

Paintbrushes and other flowers:

Torrey Creek:

The color of glaciers:

Interesting geo- and hydrology:


No need convince me! It’s just far from where I was, and where I am. But I definitely enjoyed my time there.

I need to post my recent hikes. Did 20 mile day hike at Mt Hood that was gorgeous, and did 10 in the Columbia River region today. Tomorrow is Tillamook State Park. So ive got photos, when i can be bothered to get them off my phone ;)