Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Those are great pictures, @Simonout. Thank you for sharing.


Nice! Thank you for the share.


Always love seeing updates to this thread. @grahamiam your dragon pictures might have made me see @Simonout 's picture of the bridge as also quite the dragon. :P Nice pictures!


Those are incredible fireworks displays. You captured so much detail with a decent exposure. Very nice.


Back from Antarctica. I took quite a few photos so it’ll take a while to sort through them all, but here are a handful that struck me.

Penguins? Check. Snow? Check. Penguin fact? When they’re hot, they flush blood into the capillaries on the underside of the flippers, turning them pink.

How do you capture the essence of a penguin? Other than getting a shot of it face-planting in the snow, this is probably the next best thing.

Sometimes you come across the perfect scene.

We landed on an extinct ice volcano, probably the first people to ever set foot there. It was suitably gothic.

Skuas are a challenge to expose correctly against the white backdrop, so I underexposed them even more to create a semi silhouette.

Which means you can get shots like this, two skuas sharing a penguin egg they’ve just stolen.

Blue-eyed shag returning to the nest carrying a load of seaweed. Shame about the camera recording tower in the middle of the backdrop!

Weddell seals look really annoyed if you wake them up.


Great stuff, krayzkrok. Dayum.


Very nice pictures.


Yes, wonderful shots.
That one of the penguin’s leg is absolutely fascinating.


Outstanding! Hopefully you didn’t also bring back any frostbite to go with those great shots.


Why is a penguin ass the essence of a penguin? It’s a cool shot (they all are), and I keep staring at it, but you make me think I am missing something with the above comment.


@krayzkrok haven’t you gone on expeditions like this with National Geographic before? I believe I recall you saying so, and it definitely shows in those pictures.

Those are some mighty impressive pictures. Both in framing and quality. It also helps penguins are a personal favorite.


To me, it’s the fact the penguin walks the cold with his little naked legs. Maybe what’s in a penguin’s bottom is in the eye of the beholder.


I’m humbled by the feedback, thanks.

Perhaps one those “you had to have been there” situations, but penguins are constantly struggling through the snow, one step in front of another, brush tail moving back and forth, I just find myself fascinated by their feet as they plod onwards. Every few steps they’ll often trip and land beak-first in the snow, then get back up again. It’s hard to communicate just how endearing these guys are.

Yes, this is my third year of doing this, two to three trips. It’s my annual “get away from the cloying humidity and go see some awesome critters and ice” working holiday (I work as a naturalist and photo instructor). It’s basically “summer” there so it only drops to about freezing, but if there’s a decent wind it can take another 10-20 degrees off that easily. My wife got to come along too for a trip, she was also working as a naturalist. She gets back tomorrow.


Amazing fotos! thanks for sharing. I assume you have some pretty nifty lenses on these trips!


Nothing too outlandish; a Canon 7D MkII (which is a great wildlife body), Canon 100-400 LII (a fantastic lens) and a Canon 18-135 STM (which is way sharper than its inexpensive cost implies). The main problem is changing lenses isn’t always possible, so I tend to go out with the telephoto lens and swap to the wide-angle when I have time. Getting a second body might be sensible next year (5D Mk IIs are getting really cheap these days) although I can see mirrorless in my future. First, Canon has to make a decent one, and second I need to find a vendor to respec all those points I spent leveling up my DSLR skills.


That third picture might be the best I’ve ever seen. Stunning.


Agreed. Those are all incredible!


From a trip to Belize in Nov/Dec. Nothing spectacular, but I liked the snorkeling. The people were sure friendly.

We went snorkeling around:

Tranquility Bay:

Flying is the best way to get to San Pedro:

Very different than my normal environment in the mountains:


What do you use for underwater photography?


These are all my from my Samsung Note 8 with a waterproof housing over it.