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We recently sold our house and one of the conditions on the sale was a radon test. Our basement tested well above the recommended limits, so they asked us to mitigate. To put in an active mitigation system that vents the radon using the existing sump system cost us $750. It took the radon levels done to almost nothing.


Yeah, radon mitigation is generally simple, but you midaswell pay to have it tested.


The Shunned House


I decided against the radon test. They’re specifying the house as being sold as-is, so they wouldn’t be liable to mitigate it if found, and the state department of health is providing test kits for $0-10, depending. That seems a lot more sensible than paying $150 to have some other dude do it, and there’s no sense that it’s complicated enough to need a professional.


Sounds reasonable. If the basement is concrete, and not exposed earth, it’s unlikely you have a problem anyway.


Yeah, I was looking at the radon vectors and I only saw like, one or two that would seem to apply in the context of a finished basement. Still not -zero-, and it’s apparently an issue in 40% of MN houses, so I should probably go ahead and test myself. But no need to drop $150.


Sorry but this is wrong. Most of my neighbors, my parents, my sister - all their houses have full finished basements, concrete, and all have radon and needed mitigation systems.


Well that makes sense, since concrete is porous.



Hey, i just said unlikely. Radon gas will not go through concrete normally.

Of course, if you have drainage holes, or any cracks in the concrete, then radon gas can enter.

This is all academic though, as there is no good reason to not have it tested.


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Haha, right. I’ve been fucked by Radon tests several times.


Was that better than fucking yourself? :)


This sounds like a Chuck Tingle story waiting to happen.


It was a geographic anomaly.


Sounds like more of a biological anomaly to me.


Sounds itchy.


Sorry Mr. Webster…I had no idea a phrase could set you off like a Mexican Fire works market. Next time to avoid your wrath I will PM you suggested phrases for your acceptance. :)

I thought that a state, whose border is often picked based on random geographic features, and whose votes seemed to differ so much qualified as…

a geographic anomaly

“something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.”


I realize this strains the definition of “interesting” to the breaking point but hell with it, I feel like sharing: I’ve lived in Seattle since 2002 and this is the first Christmas I’ve spent here. I can’t tell you what a relief it is not flying for the holidays with two small kids, plus they get to spend Christmas in their own home. This is just the best.


Well, it official, this Christmas we informed the immediate family that child number two is on the way. 12 week scans all good last week, just in time for Christmas announcements.

Best news is that we are breaking my family curse! Four boys and a girl in my immediate family. All the brothers have had boys (x6) and the sister has had girls (x2). My number two will be a girl, so I have bucked the trend. My dad is stoked!


Congratulations! And girls are fun (I have two daughters myself, so I can tell :-) ).