Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


I hit a deer.

Had a friend over this afternoon and was taking her home. It’s dark, I’m going about 50 along a 4-lane road. A deer runs left to right across in front of me, and I react by swerving a bit left and hitting the brakes. Which meant that I hit the second deer, right behind the first one, broadside right on the hood. Had to still be going about 45 at impact.

Good news: No human injuries. The car coasted a good quarter mile down the road to a convenient parking lot entrance, so I didn’t block traffic. Didn’t go back to check on the deer but the road looked clear, as best I could see in the dark, so it probably survived. Both the state trooper and tow truck dude were awesome, made the reporting and towing process as painless as possible under the circumstances.

Bad news: The engine died immediately and wouldn’t restart. The hood is crumpled and one headlight shattered. I suspect it’s repairable, but no idea how long it will take or whether the cost will total the car (2010 Toyota Yaris, blue book is only about $3k). I have no other car, so it’s gonna be rental for me until this is all worked out.

Too dark to get any worthwhile pictures with my crappy phone camera, but I’ll post some whenever I see the car again. Tomorrow I get to have fun with the insurance claim process, wish me luck!


Damn, dude, I’m glad you’re okay! Sorry about the car, but unlike people, things are eminently replaceable :)


I’m glad to hear you and your passenger are okay. Those deer can easily total a normal sized car, even an SUV!


Glad you’re ok. I had a big dog run right in front of my car the other day. It was nighttime and I didn’t see it. Seemed to come out of nowhere. I started to depress the brake and then it was safely away from my car. I had to be within a couple of feet of hitting it. It was so close to the front of my car!

It’s also weird because by the time I turned to look after passing it, it was gone. It actually looked more like a goat than a dog, but it had to be a dog. I can’t imagine a goat running around in the suburbs, though we have deer. I saw four deer crossing the street a few blocks from my house a couple of weeks ago. There’s a creek, aptly named Deer Creek, that I think they follow into the suburbs from the outlying areas.

Also, in other interesting news, we welcomed my second grandchild into the world on November 8th. Yay for Izzy, short for Isabel!


Congratulations! Get her some zombie and werewolf baby toys so she’ll be prepared for anything :)


Plot twist! We got a post on our Facebook page today; a neighbor spotted the missing zombie laying in the street early this morning. The thieves returned him apparently. She tucked him away in her garage, and brought him over this evening. He’s in fine shape. While it’s not all of it, we’re happy with what we got back!

Of course, we’re concerned it was a frat or something that took him for a party, so we will never, ever use a uv light on him. Like, ever.


I’m glad you got them back. Maybe someone put a massive guilt trip on the perp and led them to return it. Perhaps you neighborhood won’t be deprived next year after all, no pressure.


Update: The car is not in a good place. Probably totaled, given that it’s 8 years old and the preliminary estimate is at least $5k. See blog post for a some damaged-vehicle-porn shots.

Current plan is to do a month-long rental while I wait for insurance to confirm that it’s totaled (or repairs, if I’m wrong about that). And time to do a little research on what to get next! Sadly, a Tesla isn’t really in my price range, not to mention that I need it sooner than “sometime when we get our production going.”

The Car Dilemma

That thing is definitely totaled. There’s some engine compartment damage there that I don’t think is easy to fix and you’re looking at like $800 for that busted radiator alone. Plus all the cooly fluid leaked out so who knows what that did to your engine or if some sensor shut everything down when the pressure went to zero.

I’m not mentioning all the body work because, well, that’s probably enough to total it anyways.


Damn @arrendek good call. I’d add that looking at that damage I’d give 50/50 odds that the frame is bent as well. Was that a deer or a moose?


Yeah, I’m sure you guys are right. The Toyota Yaris is a nice little car, but they had to make very efficient use of space. Zero extra space in the engine compartment. Anything gets bent back into it…crunched engine parts.

It was a deer, but it wasn’t small! Up here in West Michigan, they basically have no natural predators. (Unless you count the automobile.) Tons of 'em in wooded areas, and they grow plenty big.


Hey, Bob, didn’t mean to make light of your accident. Just super glad that you’re okay. And I think that deer might be an apex predator of Toyotas. :(


Oh, no worries, I wasn’t offended. Good thing it was only a deer, actually. A moose would probably have pushed the engine all the way into my lap!


They hit a pretend moose on myth busters and the way they are really tall on long legs means totally different bad things happen.


I think I remember that. A moose made with a frame and rubber slices? It totally wrecked the windshield and the roof?


Here’s a good approximation without the signature busters:


@ineffablebob you are a lucky dude.


Yeah, my dad used to say: if you hit a deer, the deer dies, if you hit a moose, you both die.


Yeah I remember an incident when I was about 12 or so. Was in a full sized Dodge van with a friend and our dads. We were in the back, note I did not say seat since it was removed to hold luggage. We had piled he duffels and stuff along the sides and were playing cards when we hit the deer.

Other than getting buried under luggage we were fine. The van was damaged but drivable (80’s dodge for ya), and we got about 30 pounds of usable meat.

Oddly enough this was for a hunting trip to get deer. That was literally the only deer anyone from a group of 12 got.


All about proper weapon choice. Rifle? Bow? Pff, screw that. Dodge van!