Tempest open world pirate action rpg


Just wanted to post that i like @amandachen posting at here Qt3 and hope she continues to do so!


Agreed. Particularly in the Indie games thread. And all other threads.


Yes. This.


So say I, as well


Yup, that’s how I own it and all it’s DLC as well. It was part of the Spotlight Bundle on BundleStars/Fanatical in mid-September. $3 for Tempest plus DLC, King of Dragon Pass, Warhammer Quest, Novus Inceptio and several more games.

Seeing this thread updating each time makes me want to load and play Tempest just to see what it’s like. It looks pretty cool, and I seem to remember our own @BrianRubin giving it a thumbs up.


I think @amandachen was saying she was out of this thread, not the forums entirely, due to where she could see this conversation was heading with the reply she got.


I’m not so sure, but I really hope you are right.


Don’t worry guys, if Amanda is gone forever at least you still have me.



Geezus what the hell happened in here?

Anyway yeah, Tempest is a lot of fun, especially in co-op. Definitely recommended if you like pirate/age of sail games.


@wumpus I’m going to agree here as well. Long time IT, just like you. Flag the admins, PM the user, lock the thread if suspicious. Keep your cards (seeing the IP and any other discovery) in your hand at all times. Most people would know that you have that information, but regardless, share it sparingly and don’t post it publicly unless absolutely needed. Both legally and professionally, you’re better off that way. I’m 100% not trying to dogpile this point, I just want you to be protected from any and all blowback in other similar situations.

Back to the Tempest discussion. FFS now I want to try this. I blame Wumpus for the bump. =P


LOL, how do I like this post? ;)


Claw Shrimp got loose.


A who did a what now?


If our Russian spammer friend @Gyazoul wishes to come back and lodge a formal complaint he is more than welcome to. Strangely he has not been seen since… and he was such a beloved member of our community, at least in some quarters here.

It still blows my mind that half the people here literally can’t tell when they are being spammed on their own turf, such that they take up arms to defend the bad actor. And these are experienced internet users, on their home field. This means we in the US are basically defenseless against the type of Russian trolling that affected the last presidential election. It’s depressing as hell.


Dear lord - please stop with those stupid analogies - This is not what this thread is about, nor is it in any way similar, Take that nonsense crap back to R&P and let it stay there. You keep shitting this thread up.


I’m just amazed that so many people here were looking at what I considered to be fairly obvious spam patterns, and thinking, “I must jump to the defense of this poor beleaguered soul”.

That is depressing because it implies we have very little in the way of defense mechanisms against being manipulated online. And these are experienced users!


I know a spammer when I see one. This guy wasn’t one. As for why he hasn’t come back to complain about you, I’d think it obvious - he took the high road, and felt unwelcome in this community and decided his time was better spent elsewhere. I can hardly blame him.


Soo…guys…Tempest is really fun in multiplayer you guys. We played it earlier this year before the DLC came out and had a blast.

It’s shockingly well-designed too. You can see tablet-based roots, for sure, but it just is great that you can have multiple methods of travel, tons of quests and more. It’s really fun.


Are you a spammer? This is very suspicious behavior Mr Brain! I think we need to delve into exactly WHERE you are posting from!


Who’s that?