The 2019 Music Thread


Flautists. What are you gonna do?

A UK record site teased the release of the new record by pointing out that Nick and Helen’s relationship being done might be the whole "Arrivals & Departures thing, and why this has taken a bit, what with Nick letting her have the home they shared.

Christian Hardy responded with a hearty twitter “Fucking hell…”


Lol. And yikes!

That’s why I married a viola player.


This showed up in my Release Radar, and man I dig it.


That’s very good. A little MBV, a little from Red Lorry Yellow Lorry.

Really finding this new Girlpool album quite something.


One of my favorite bands from the early 00s, Pedro the Lion (aka David Bazan) is back from his solo hiatus with a great new album, Phoenix. His songs have always been beautiful and sparse with introspective lyrics, and he’s grown a lot in those solo years. His voice is the best it’s ever been, and the songs are more accessible than in his earlier albums, but just as beautiful. A couple of vids:


New Broods album this week. I like a few songs on it, but am unsure yet about the whole thing. (My experience is that albums that have to grow on you are the best ones.) It’s less radio-oriented than either of the other two albums, with a kind-of consistent melancholy verse/upbeat chorus structure, like Lana Del Rey meets Portugal. The Man.

I really like this video:


Frode! Annelise! Norman Blake again apparently producing!

Yep, new I Was A King due in early March, apparently going to get a proper worldwide release this time out, too.




Looks like a Hipgnosis cover from the 70s.


And the first proper single is a Kinks-ian sounding number with a triumphant chorus…and a hilarious video that is a completely goofy throwback to 80s slasher flicks.


Thanks! So awesome. I love her and her completely goofy videos.


The new Twilight Sad album is pretty good.


Imagine being barely into your teenaged years, or just getting ready to start adolescence, and your parents tell you: “Mum and dad are starting a rock and roll band, kids. What d’ya think?”

And then imagine your parents are as unbelievably cool as Miki Berenyi and Moose McKillop. Man, the Piroshka album is pretty great.

Also, today I learned that “Piroshka” is the Hungarian name for “Little Red Riding Hood.”


It’s out?!


Fantastic. Thank you.

Meanwhile, I’m only on track 5 but really loving this mix called Powder in Space. I’d place it exactly halfway between the dance floor and the cozy bed.


Ok I know this doesn’t belong here as it is suppose to be music released in 2019 but I just don’t know where else to put this.

Just found these guys and I think more people should be aware of them.


John Petkovic is one of my music heroes. He’s been one of the best rock critics going for decades, writing for various publications in and out of his native Cleveland. He’s also fronted Death Of Samantha, Cobra Verde, and Sweet Apple among other musical projects.

His new thing is a partnership with the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney. They’re calling their band Sad Planets, and they’re going for a sort of junkshop psychedelia/goofy prog thing. And it totally works. Love this song:

Full album soon-ish.


The Paisley Underground covering one another album is finally out.

And right now, the Three O’Clock’s cover of the Dream Syndicate’s “Tell Me When It’s Over” is just ruling my world. Quercio’s plaintive vocal, having the bass originally carry that iconic guitar riff (which certainly must be among the greatest single guitar licks of the 1980s)…so so so so so good.


Nice! Yeah, good track. Looking forward to hearing the rest.


The Bangles kind of rule this thing. All three of their covers are monsters. I would not have expected that.

DS’s cover of “Hero Takes a Fall” is also a big winner.