The 2022 20:20 Frame Game

The new 20:20!

The Avengers?

The original Halloween?

Neither of these, sadly.

Alright, how about a 40:40

Interesting telegraph that those are the bad guys right there. All black attire, black motorcycles. The one on the left might have an eyepatch or a mono night vision goggle?

Apologies for the delay!

Here’s the 60:60

Ah-ha! I thought that blonde thug in the 40 looked like a regular casting from various Jackie Chan movies, and now I think that’s some Asian language on the ice cream truck. Still no idea, but I’ll throw out Police Story 2.

Nope, not that!

Dammit! Sorry. Lemme see if I can grab a frame from my work PC…


Pacific Coast Parcel Company eh? Still zero idea. Short Circuit 1/2?

Is that Peter Firth eating ice cream?

Really? You went with the Cuba Gooding Jr/Skeet Ulrich classic Chill Factor?


Is it worse that I picked it, @Woolen_Horde, or that you correctly identified it?

90s cheese is the best cheese.


A Quiet Place 2, Quiet Harder? The cars seem too consistently out of date but that scene sure smacks of the opening town sequence. Edit: But then why the price on the window? Mid-80s, gal is trying to get out of town so she needs a cheap car.


That’s not Ryan Gosling, is it?

Tis not.