The Assorted "WTF, 2021?" Thread


Wow, that’s wild. You wouldn’t naturally think of that kind of cause/effect.

He was Dracula in Waxwork! Heretic!

Same here. :)

And the name of our lunatic who pulled over and interrupted Shaquille Brewster’s weather report with his lunacy is Benjamin Eugene Dagley. He’s from Wooster, Ohio and shouldn’t have been down in Mississippi because he’s on probation for drilling holes in chemical tanks (!) and assault. Lotta crazy indeed.

More here:

A reason to cite the greatest thread of all time.

I don’t even need to hover over that link to know where it leads.

Ohio, the Florida of the Midwest.

then what is Indiana and Missouri? The Mississippi and Alabama of the midwest?

Geographically I think you flipped those right to left, but yes.

Yea, but no. was going culturally. Missouri is worse than Indiana, as Alabama is worse than Mississippi.

Funny you should say that. I’ve seen some Missourians disparaging their home state as North Alabama.

I’m sorry Alabama. I know you have some good, intelligent people.

Fake school gets wrecked on ESPN.


She said that a long time ago when she acknowledged that Hermione was a bit of a stand-in for her desires in school.

Did you guys just spoil the Harry Potter books? And I just started reading them.


There was actually just a fire in the historic buildings in Edinburgh where Rowling wrote parts of her work. Always sad when old buildings catch fire. It’s like they made it this far but finally failed their save.

Hard to figure out where this goes:

Someone is going to get killed by these economically anxious people.

These 3 men panicked because one kid was ordered to quarantine.

So basically, they are scared that they will be treated like the plague rats they are. Banned from polite society.

Anyone got some spare change?