The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


Exactly. Every Democrat, and especially ones looking to run for President in 2020, should be out in the media today slamming these statements as ridiculous and anti-American. McConnell essentially admits that most Federal workers would volunteer and vote Democrat if given the day off to do so, then he somehow turns one Federal holiday day into a “brand-new week of paid vacation” and finishes it off by claiming taxpayers would be subsidizing this phantom “vacation”. Election Day is on a Tuesday in November jackass, nobody is going to plan a vacation around a Tuesday off a couple of weeks before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, especially not when they’re getting that day off to VOTE.

Republicans aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they’re a desperate minority party at this point. They’re actively defending voter suppression and gerrymandering, and trying to pass it all off as if they’re doing middle-class taxpaying America a favor. Every Democrat should be shouting this from the rooftops on every media outlet available to them.



Hell, call it what it is. Republicans want to take away your voting rights.


The irony is, many states already have this in their laws. Even in McConnell’s Kentucky, employers are required to give at least 4 (unpaid, employer-selectable) hours off for employees to get an absentee ballot to vote.

As provided in Section 148 of the Constitution of Kentucky, any person entitled to a
vote at any election in this state shall, if he has made application for leave prior to
the day he appears before the county clerk to request an application for or to execute
an absentee ballot, be entitled to absent himself from any services or employment in
which he is then engaged or employed for a reasonable time, but not less than four
(4) hours on the day he appears before the clerk to request an application for or to
execute an absentee ballot, during normal business hours of the office of the clerk
or to cast his ballot on the day of the election between the time of opening and
closing the polls. The employer may specify the hours during which an employee
may absent himself.

And then for voting in person:

No person shall be penalized for taking a reasonable time off to vote, unless, under
circumstances which did not prohibit him from voting, he fails to vote. Any
qualified voter who exercises his right to voting leave under this section but fails to
cast his vote, under circumstances which did not prohibit him from voting, may be
subject to disciplinary action.

Making it a holiday isn’t too much further of a stretch.


Yes, though the problem with those laws is that the voter has to forego pay to vote. If they can vote on a scheduled day off (through early voting or a paid holiday for Election Day), then they don’t lose pay. Otherwise they lose pay. So either we need a federal mandate on early voting which requires enough days and polling stations so that no one has to forego pay, or we need a paid holiday on Election Day.

And that penalty only applies to wage laborers. Management, professionals, owners — none of them have to forego pay to vote.


This will probably need to start at the state level. States are free to make any day they want a holiday, too.


It’s a federal holiday. Federal workers get the day off. That’s one of the big complaints the GOP is expressing about adding another holiday.

My company does take it off, which is pretty cool.


I imagine McConnell’s talking about a week off for a voting day because he & his cohorts probably take a week off for any holiday already.


Yes, I know, but most other people don’t get the day off, so as a solution to make Election Day more accessible, it’s weak.

I don’t take that complaint seriously. They’re opposed to making Election Day more accessible. Everything else is cover for that motive.


Exactly. It needs to be mandated as in private companies need to give time off for voting or go to the mail in ballots which solves that problem entirely.


Maybe we can call it Motherfucking Donald Trump Day so everyone in the GOP will see it as an opportunity to slurp on the Orange One’s royalness. It occurs every two years on election day to celebrate his great victory in 2016. No one thought he could win in Michigan, nobody.


Per Fox News I imagine.


MLK Day is another day where the Feds take it off (along with banks and USPS) but many people work. It was common with the carpenters union to trade holidays so that they could have more 3-4 day weekends.


Yeah, it won’t be a hard sell

“You don’t want a day off for the Veterans?” (also voting)


One could also argue that there is no better way to honor our veterans and the sacrifices they have made than by exercising our democratic rights


Here’s one bit of what’s going around the conservative apologist network with response to McConnell’s “power grab” anti-voting rhetoric (from FB comments):


There should be a whole holiday culture around it. Democracy Day! With Democracy carols, Democracy nog, Democracy cards, and late night parties with sexy Abraham Lincoln costumes.


We’re a Protestant nation, sir. Kindly take your frivolity back 'cross the Seas from whence it came.


But leave the sexy Lincoln costume


And the nog. We could all use some good nog.