The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


For the love of god make sure you have sufficient septic truck capacity to hold all the… uh… throughput. You wouldn’t want to have a messy explosion on the road.


Can we just send Rand Paul’s neighbor over?


Maybe this should be in the NC Caliphate topic instead.


Today, 4chan is a home of the far right. They seed memes and ideas there that have ended up in President Trump’s speeches and tweets, laundered through the various blogs and websites that make up the right-wing media ecosystem. Last night, by saying “learn to code,” Nunes — again, wittingly or unwittingly — parroted one of those ideas.

It’s possible that Nunes didn’t know any of this when he was speaking with Laura Ingraham. After all, useful idiots have been part of information operations since information operations became a widely practiced mode of warfare. Donald Trump broke the Republican Party — and the rest of the right — in so many ways, but his election also reshaped how information spreads across conservative groups. The people making the memes are now the right’s main intellectual organ: the rest are either useful idiots or deluded.

And that’s a wrap for this decade. /curtain


In today’s GOP, think tanks like the Cato Institute have been replaced with Barrens chat.




Completely understandable as the location of Mankrik’s wife is of national importance.



Videos from the Nazi version of Twitter. Nice.


You’re as shocked and surprised as the rest of us, I’m sure.


Heh, it’s your side that is promoting eugenicist infanticide.


Gab is LITERALLY Nazi Twitter, Dude.

Like, that’s literally the reason it exists.


Didn’t even notice who posted it. Don’t care really. I believe in free speech, and as Orwell pointed out free speech means free speech for people you hate. You’ve become so obsessed with seeing Nazis among the people you hate that you don’t even notice that your side is the one championing Nazi policies. But keep on yelling Nazi while shilling for the literal baby murder party, I find it hilarious.


What the fuck is wrong with you?


Too much compassion for children.


Not sure how that’s an excuse. Is liking Nazi stuff you don’t realize is Nazi stuff somehow better than liking it because you know it’s Nazi stuff?


He’s mixing up Trump’s attempt to shutdown the media he doesn’t like with the mass genocide of people committed by the Nazis.


Calling it infanticide isn’t fair, I’d happily extend the age limit for you!


Laugh. Trump’s attempt to shut down the media? You mean calling them names? No such thing. Ironically it’s Gab that’s been subjected to numerous shut down attempts.


This seems like it’s become a good example of the title of this thread.