The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP





In their minds, those people that rely on (name a government program) are in that position ONLY because of a lack of desire to work hard or be responsible for themselves. And why should hard working middle class Americans that “do it the right way” have to pay for everyone else to fuck off and be irresponsible or lazy? Doesn’t that make it worse? If you’re going to subsidize people’s laziness and irresponsibility, you’re just going to encourage them to mooch off of hard working middle class Americans.

Hatch’s comments mirror pretty much everyone I work with. They’re smart people, they’re otherwise compassionate people, but they have an enormous blind spot when it comes to this. They have this naive belief that everyone starts out at the same level, and since they’re doing okay in life it’s because they worked hard and lived life right (those old Protestant roots). So if they could do it, everyone else could do, if they were just more responsible. Why should they have to pay to support people who refuse to work hard and be successful?

That gif with the rich guy distracting the man in the middle while he takes all the cookies for himself? It’s exactly that playing out right now.


Just so folks know, that statement by Hatch was apparently taken out of context, and he wasn’t actually talking about children’s healthcare. He was talking about other stuff.


Given that the bill still hasn’t made it to a vote in the Senate, not sure how much context really matters.


Looks like Roy Moore will take it.




Woman shares new evidence of relationship with Roy Moore when she was 17


Let me put on my Republican hat…

“Pfft, seventeen? She was basically an adult! Kip Winger wrote a song about it. It’s fine.”



“Well she was just 17…”


Well since we appear to be going there let’s include the sweetest/creepiest song which may or may not be about underage love:


What does John Lennon really mean when he sings “Little Child,” hmmm?

Also the obligatory


The important question is whether or not you get permission from her parents to “date” her.


First one that comes to my mind:


Don’t forget




Not going to link it with a preview for obvious reasons, but who could forget this one?

Sweet Johnny Brown - Tapping Junior High Ass


I mean those songs are good and all, but how are we ignoring the most relevant one?