The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


Wait, the New Yorker? Not the Onion?

Oh, Borowitz, carry on.


On a very strange side note today, a Republican lawmaker in Pennsylvania accuses a Democratic colleague of being gay because… the Dem touched him.

This same Rep. a few years ago stopped an openly gay Democratic colleague from making a floor speech on same sex marriage, saying, “I did not believe that as a member of that body that I should allow someone to make comments such as he was preparing to make that ultimately were just open rebellion against what the word of God has said, what God has said, and just open rebellion against God’s law.”

We now return our regularly scheduled program, watching the GOP elect a pedophile in Alabama…


On that note, if anyone in Harrisburg, PA is looking for a completely guaranteed but very discrete, guilt-fueled gay hookup, you can get in touch with Daryl Metcalfe via his website at


And the countdown starts until the story breaks of Metcalfe and a teen boy in a hotel room.


You don’t want to have your gay hookups carrying over into one another, that’s for sure.


I figured if anyone called me on that spelling error it would have been @Dave_Perkins


More awesome stuff about Trump’s campaign manager in Oklahoma, who got busted for child sex trafficking.


So weird I was literally just reading that article.

The fucking shirt he’s wearing. OMFG


Everyone involved with Trump is just objectively terrible, as a person.


The shirt does at least explain what reason he has for wanting a wife.


Finally, the perfect Christmas idea for my brother.


what spelling error?


I live in Phoenix, AZ and it is currently 9:58 PM on December 5th. We got folks from the future donating to a pedophile.


Russia is not the future.


Let me tell you about the sanctity of marriage.


Who the fuck gets married at 13??


God uses imperfect vessels to attain His purposes. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

– Gordon, right wing pundit in training


The same type of people who are broadcasting beheadings. Make no mistake, they would do that in America too if they could get away with it.


If that guy moved to Alabama he could be Governor by the next election cycle.