The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again



Is the Dark Zone (or whatever the mixed PVE/PVP environment is called) required for progression, or are you able to obtain loot/material from purely PVE activities?


The Dark Zone is not required in either TD1 or 2.


It might be “required” in D2, seeing as there was a campaign mission that took you there in the beta. But, just in case some folks aren’t aware, that doesn’t mean you have to engage in PVP. I spent a lot of time in the dark zone in the first game, never dealt with the PVP. Except those times I got shot to pieces, but that’s going to happen now and then.


I went X1. Kadath on XBL. Will pick up PC version when it hits $20 :)

I stunk at Division 1 tho, so.

The music is fantastic BTW. On Spotify and Apple Music


Is it 30fps on the One X?


Hey sweet, we can get an Xbox gang going!


Looks great on the PS4 Pro. I never liked D1 at lauch but like it a lot now and will play it off and on between D2 sessions when I’m in the mood for different enviornment.

I really like that these are a little more tactical than standard run and fun FPS’s…really, really enjoying them now.


This sounds fun. Who wants to dance with me?



Yep, 30fps on all consoles


Thanks! Sounds like PC for me then. I really wish I could configure the One X to play at 2K/60hz instead of 4K/30hz. I’d gladly trade some pixels for better frame rates.


PC master race!


I would be surprised if a performance mode isn’t added eventually. So far every game that did it is quite a bit better on that setting than high graphics imo.


Div 2 runs mostly maxxed out at 80+ FPS for me. Zero performance problems in DX12 (1080ti, i7 8700k, no overclocking). The setting is beautiful, though nothing is going to top snow-covered NYC.

EDIT: @Balasarius I run at 3440x1440 on a gsync monitor (no holes drilled).


What’s your resolution?

During the open beta a few weeks ago my 1080ti was getting 50-75 fps at 1440p on High-ish settings.

I was not impressed.


I think that was just the intro mission to familiarise the player with the game’s systems. I vaguely recall reading that there will be two types of DZ this time too? One pve and one PvP focused.

In any case, I spent so much time in the DZ during the first month after launch when it was still wild west that I got completely desensitised to the PvP encounters and even went on multiple 30 minutes long rogue sprees.

Saying that I’m excited about DZ would be an understatement.


I think there are supposed to be three this time. There is a close quarters one, a longer sight line one and an anything goes less restrictive one with friendly fire etc


So wow, the division2 is…great? Shooting feels significantly better. Skill ups are more straightforward. Attachments being tied to perks is a smart design decision (imo). Setting is great. Runs smooth as butter. The addition of settlements is cool. Really digging the donation system. And boy, they really make use of the distance and verticality of urban combat. Some of those firefights shooting from windows to different buildings is cool AF.

This game seems to have some serious potential. Fun as hell running with a full 4 man squad, obv.


Pretty much from what I read your assessment is spot on.

Division 2 ( aka 1.5 ) improve everything that was just ok in the previous game. Hit home run out of the park at release.