The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


You should be rooting for neither - you dont come on until act 2, where the green hound and the winged mammoth crushes the goat. Until then, we must await the closing curtains of act 1, featuring the stringing of the monkey.


Well that was a series of spectacular failures for the goat. Back to the drawing board.

In other news, a battle between two pretenders , one with only Two hit points, was quite interesting!


Yes, agreed - pretenders falling left right and center!

I will need to get more popcorn during intermission.

munch munch


well i may only have two hit points, but at least I still got my sight!

hang on, where could I Give Lots of Hugs retreat to? Has he expired?


He ran into the castle. Not sure how he knew which way to run, being blind!


Due to reports of monkey tourists defacing our castle walls with flung feces and banana peels, T’ien Ch’i has been forced to move the borders of the nation further east to set up a buffer zone, in which Bandarian tourists can frolic safely and freely, while keeping Imperial citizens upright and odor-free.

We will not be participating further in the melee in Bandarian territory…


So turn 51, no one is dead, only one global, and I do not think anyone has gotten to level 9 research yet ( I can hope). Quite interesting.


From my viewpoint, this seems a very balanced game and I don’t think anyone has a commanding edge. Nazca’s certainly at the bottom though - a consequence of its failed campaign against TC. TC, despite its initial setbacks, seems to be recovering well, but i’d still place them slightly below contender level right now.

After that though, it’s anyone’s guess. Bandar and shin seem to be battling pretty evenly, which can only a good thing for everyone else. Caelum’s and Ys’ passivity makes them both very hard to place. Pan is quietly expanding, fueled no doubt by its lone global. And, of course, there’s still Eriu who’s quietly expanding as well.

So, if there’s a leader - at this point, i’m thinking it’s pan - those 400+ extra nature gems it’s earned to date are not likely sitting idle…

With that said, I’d like to mention that my own view of the world isn’t terribly clear. My lack of scouts at the onset has only recently been corrected, but I still lack visibility in a lot of places. Which is precisely why TC should stop killing my damn scouts - seriously, what the hell are you summoning blackhawks for? The things are near utterly useless (except for killing my scouts, that is)…


I see a bit more, perhaps because of the many harpies I have. The next few turns might show the demise of Shin or Bandar- at least their homes taken by each other’s large armies.

Pan sincerely wishes that they had a store of 400+ nature gems- Bandar can attest how many locusts have been sent at him, and still he is fighting Pan and Shin to a standstill. And the amount of swarms and creeping dooms…

I think TC summoned black hawks to defend his castle back when Nazca had him on the ropes.


Ayup - those black hawks were a desperation measure back when i had no money, undead flying things on my doorstep, and few to no options. Now they’ve unionized on me and have been demanding benefits. Well I ain’t gonna give 'em healthcare and a 401k for free so I put them to work doing the only thing they’re good for…


Just a word of advice, all that summoning cheap hawks is going to achieve for you against ethereal undead is to get your own army routed faster when the hawk squads take grievous losses and flee.

Not said meanly, just stating a fact. Also, stop killing my scouts…


Is routed a word? Or is it just route, parsed differently (as in ‘…is to route your own army faster when…’)?

Feels like the moose of the army world…


Hmm, in looking at my turn, I am actually holding less provinces than I did when I started helping Shinuyama. And I have one province that contributes absolutely nothing to me, except lets me watch birdmen play in the water.

And pyrhic, the one thing those black hawks would be good at is stiffening the defense of the castle during the siege.

Speaking of sieges, there is one on Shin this turn, and there was one on Bandar. And how soon will there be one on Nazca, considering both Eiru and Ys border that capital?


Hmmm…reasonable point. For some reason, i thought they were mindless, but i guess not…

Still, a whole flight of them would only get you about 15 repair strength, the equivalent of 15 regular soldiers with strength of 10. At least I think that’s how the math works - the manual is a little obscure about it(Flying units get +1!). Does that mean (Str+1)^2/100 or Str^2/100+1…and as i write that, my suspicion is the later is the truth based on my memories of the far better Dom3 manual…if the later, their repair value would be 50, which seems ludicrous for birds…to the book suppository!

And yes, it is actually (Str^2/100)+1…thank you dog-eared copy of dom3 manual :)


I won’t be sieging it.


Yes, I fear that in helping Shinuyama you only stunted your own growth and let the other nations continue with their peace time research. Certainly if I were Eriu, Caelum or Ys I’d be eyeing you off in your weakened state with your crippled pretender and your entire army stuck out in the field in Bandar territory. A bountiful belly awaits he who strikes your heart first.

Of course it is not too late for you to withdrawl from my lands and let me finish off Shinuyama in peace. I’m hardly the threat I once was when I started my campaign.


I didn’t know that Eriu used book suppositories. That sounds…painful. To each their own, I guess!



Crippled pretender? Armies only moving South against Bandar?


It’s an allusion to the ancient Homer


Darn, you have healers! Well, my only hope now is to research proton torpedos…