The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


I’ll let you know tonight.


Y’know, I’m not going to tell you what to do or don’t do, but I will say that you can put 1000 birds on the swamp and you wont find my troops because I’ve never put troops there.

Truth is, i don’t know why the dominion is going like that, but if i had to guess, it’s due to spill off from the province beside it which is dom capped at a level that somehow is beyond my maximum. No, i don’t know why that is either, but i can tell you it’s not because of a secret, hidden or even known site, because i’ve expended considerable effort to reveal everything there…


Calling on my heightened Dominions4 Paranoia,I see through your ruse!

Saying that you don’t have any sneaking troops in that province is exactly what I would do if I had a large sneaky army… somewhere else! And what makes you immediately think that those black hawks are in that swamp to search for intruders, hmm? Maybe they are sunbathing or something. Only someone who was anticipating such an action would make that comment!

And then you claim you don’t know why the dominion is changing! Coming from Prognosticator Pyrhic, Doctor of Documentation, Regent of the Rules, Lord of the Combat Logs, Count of Combat Tactics! HA! OF COURSE YOU KNOW.

Do not bother to protest. It would be like Crimea in 2014, or was it 1942? Or was it on Mars with Carter? Little green men everywhere!


A ruse?

B-rrring, B-rring. Hi, it’s 1930s calling, can we have our words, clothes, and shitty airplanes back?

Call you back, 1930s. And, hey, watch out for that Adolf Hitler fellow, he’s a real bad egg!


In the continuing spirit of Neviele Chamberlain, let me set the scene as Pan the Benevolent, Pan the Giver, and Pan the Merciful see it:

Bandar - awesome fights, slugged it out to the bitter end, kudos.
Shin - did as best as he could with gimpy Oni. Somehow managed to stay in the game for several turns with a handful (like 20) of Atlantean militia and a single commander, no lab, no mages. Pan put him out of his misery. I hoist a tankard to my erstwhile ally!
Pan - has had Mother Oak up for…one, two, many, lots of turns. Has plenty of leogryphs and kitted out mages to show for it. Has a wounded Manticore pretender, and a corrupted Earth King. Winner of the the Shin/Pan alliance vs Bandar. I never did find out if Bandar DID attack Shin first, or if Pan was just duped into supporting Shin’s attack. Knowing @Evil_Steve’s evil ways…I was drunk! That’s my excuse!
Also sitting on 3 capitals, only two of which are garrisoned.
Nazca - somehow still a contender. While only being an observer, Pan has noticed that autospawn supayas can really mess up an army made primarily out of black hawks.
Caelum - quietly roosting on his mountain. Under all that snow is the real mountain of gems from three global gem generators. He also has all of the Elemental Court, save one or two corrupted Kings. Has lots of Deaveas of …killing you. Yeah,and a ton of Stormguard. Expect battles vs Caelum to be like walking to the liquor store in a hurricane, when you have a hangover, and lots of birds are sitting on your head pecking at your eyes, screeching "Thunderstrike! Thunderstrike!"
Ys - the organized, massive mountain. There’s not many armies, but the ones you see you do not mess with. Everything communioned, buffed, invincible, and then the offensive stuff starts to come out. Oh, and Crabs! I predict a ponderous, irresistible advance, batting aside smaller forces just like a fat lady brushes aside children as she makes her way to the free ice cream.
Eiru- You know, throughout the lands of Eiru that my harpy scouts (seriously, I end each turn with about 30 hiding on the map) travel, I find nothing but serene landscapes, happy farmers, a mummy or two, birds singing, a few thugs playing hide the frost brand, and maybe a bard seducing an airhead. Yet this is the same nation that took out a throne early on, which had a massive amount of spring hawks, fog warriors, and other airy nastiness. One turn Eiru was no where, next turn they were roasting spring hawk legs in a nice marinade over a pit.

And in a turn plus one, things will …possibly? Hit the fan. Caelum will have dropped all his non aggression pacts by then, so he might be feeling a little…itchy.


Shhhhhh! You don’t need to tell the whole world I have crabs. I thought that was our little secret ya know! Also, I need a cream that has water proof application, your stuff didn’t work.

That’s the last time I liaise with a maenad.


I cannot believe I forgot Tien Chi! Such wonderful battles to watch, first between Nazca and TC (Magic Duel is @Pyperkub 's bane) and then between Ys, Eiru and Caelum vs TC. I was very impressed by the amount of summons and magic spells TC was able to get off in his short existence - it felt like almost every turn past 15 TC was at war for his life. I think his castle was under siege 3 times before it finally fell.

At least Pan didn’t have to deal with blessed sacred undead Ancestors of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee tearing apart my hapless revelers…


The same turn I attacked Shin was the same turn I got the NAP cancel from you. I think you made the right decision in any case. You’ve been able to get big while also not getting attacked by anyone else, which is key to victory. You would have a significant gem and gold income advantage over everyone else which I think more than makes up for missing out on artifacts and royalty.


Perhaps I will benefit from the gold and gems in the future. But in order to cripple your economy I had to expend a large number of gems. And the unrest that I caused is something I am still dealing with. Only last turn did Bandar and your northern castle get below 100 unrest. The castle near Caelum is still in the 150s.


Yawn. I guess we are waiting on SOMETHING, but not sure what…surely not Pan attempting to seize his 4th capital!


You’re probably just waiting for us to be four.


You must really want me to take Shin’s capital.


Can I please get an 8 hour extension?


Hosting postponed for qtWyldeRyde2andAhalf by 16 hours. The game will now host at 20:48 GMT on Tuesday September 26th.


Very good battle nazca, you honor your ancestors.

Our earlier defeat in seizing your capital meant we had to pay proper attention this time, and I’m glad that we did. There were times in assembling our forces, I felt it way overkill, but looking at the final tally of the battle, and I don’t think it was. You had much greater mage assemblage there than i gave credit, and those supaya are sacreds worthy of respect.

You also deftly avoided my entrapment and allowed an escape path for your routed troops - that was also well done, particularly since I moved to prevent just such a thing from occurring.

Still, your time in the world now draws to a close. Know that we will hoist your banner in our hall of the remembered to teach our warriors of the consequence of overconfidence, as well as to inspire and terrify future generations of the folk.


What’s the deal with everyone else consolidating and not fighting? Wanted to at least see some more battles before I bow out… also thought it might help me hold on longer ;)


What more do you want to see? Epic magics, communions, thugs, artifacts, undead, insects, flying things, fiery fortresses, immortal undead, mortal undead, mortal mortals - it’s just like broadway in the 30s!


Well, I wanted to see Caelum and Eriu and Pan fighting each other (and leaving me alone) :)

I provided most of the early drama, I should have at least been around to see the late drama…


I left you alone, and then you attacked me, proving that I couldn’t just leave you alone. Besides, look how much trouble you were with just your capital…


I don’t think I will be able to finish my turn tonight, and won’t be home tomorrow night, so could I please get 24 hours so I can do my turn Friday when I get home? I need a bit more time this turn ;). Thanks!