The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition


Nice! Already on turn 2!

As my first post to Quarter to three, I wish to offer myself as a sub if needed. Except for Tin Wisdom, of course. He should always be eliminated after Dave Perkins.

A first post and already I’m slandered.

I too, feel slandered. Shamefully so.

Making friends I see! :)

Welcome to QT3!

Those are some impressive titles Dave. How does it feel to be a God?

Well, the thread is titled to be somewhat on the stabbity side, so Akaoni certainly got straight into the spirit of things… :D

Reading the various posts of ribbing, slander, defamation and other shenanigans on QT3 Dominions MP threads is always high entertainment. :D

Did somebody name their pretender Dave Perkins, or is that from another game?

Prince of Brilliance is apt, but I’m proudest to be a Symbol of Unification.

Fah! Anyone can get those mamsy-pamsy titles. They’re like mail-order master’s degrees. “Patron of Soldiers” – he probably donated some change to a veteran hobo on the streets.

You want a title you had to WORK for, like “Eater of Filth”. That one don’t come easy, fellas.

If I was going to violate the second rule of QT3 Dominions (Kill Man second), I may as well violate the first rule and be Dave Perkins, too.

Holy shit! ddtibbs is Dave Perkins??!

I have to say, I have spent much more time reading the Dom3 thread on this board than I would like to admit. Well, that and the EVE thread. Dominions (3 and 4) is a great game, very deep and with endless variations.

And I did not mean to slander Mr Perkins, I was merely following the stated protocol, was I not? In the interest of keeping Mr Perkins lulled into a false sense of complacency should he and I ever play a Dominions game, I do apologize. : D

So we all have to kill ddtibbs immediately, right? Good, we’re agreed.

I’d like you all to know that as the Guardian of the Tablets of Destiny I control the future so you should all just give up now and declare me the winner, since it’s inevitable and all.

Also, Telefrog… I see you.

That’s not me. ;)

Well, it’s certainly provocative ;)

Oh, so you wouldn’t mind if I just go and take oaklands and giant’s rest then?

Taking those provinces would just be giving drtibbs more time to scheme. We don’t want that, do we?

Poo Tien Chi, I want my elephants that nobody wanted 3 turns ago back!

P.S. I sent in my turn but it looks like Llamaserver is having email server problems.