The Falconeer: fly and fight over an open world created by 1 man

Okay, something wacky happened, and now I don’t know what to do.

So, I’m progressing through the 4th chapter - the Mancers. I go to upgrade my bird, accidentally click on the wrong thing, and replace my top-tier weapon with a much lower version. And since I didn’t sell my old weapon first, I’m out the 30k it took to buy it. So I’m drastically underpowered for these missions- I try a few and just get owned.

So I start the side mission grind again. Luckily, they’re generally worth 1-1.6k, and it goes relatively quickly. I upgrade to 16k rapid-fire thing and get the main quest moving again. I do a couple missions, and then another side mission… but during that, I’m not sure what I do (probably shoot down a friend somehow) but I get a message that my “Faction has changed to Pirate”. And now everywhere on the map is hostile to me, and I can’t land anywhere. Anyone know what to do here?

You repeatedly hit a friendly target with that big ass cannon off yours ;). Now you are a wanted criminal.

There is nothing left to do but submit and die

Coincidentally one of the content patches will focus on a proper pirate experience. Including a pirate base you can land at and do missions. And possibly even earn enough to buy a letter of amnesty.

Somewhere early -ish next year.

Haha, yep. That happened eventually. I was hoping there’d be something more, in case I did it again (or perhaps on purpose, heh).

I finished the game just now. There was a weird bug at the end- I completed the Mancer chapter, and the Epilogue was unlocked. Before I chose it, though, I cycled through the list… and when I came back to it, the Epilogue was locked again. I had a minute of panic, but backing out to the main menu and going back in fixed it.

Neat little game, I had a lot of fun with it. I’ll probably kick it around s little, find the last few shrines and settlements, etc.

I was a little surprised to see it end like it did, with no more play, given the final shot. I expected to be able to fly around as the princess on her fancy bird. Or even better, one of those Weavers, heh.

That’d be The Falconeer II, Empress lost.

That bug was fixed in the previous patch, did you update?

Which co-incidentally brings me to the first free content update for the Falconeer, coming out tommorow!!! “the Kraken”

Its a beefy update just in changes and gameplay tweaks, including the most substantial changes to enemy AI and dogfighting to date (much less of them getting on your six faster than you can drop a splinter, and more chasing and getting behind them).

But it also includes new locations, sea monsters and whole new mission mechanics, exploration and… wreckdiving!!!

On the whole these are things I’d wish to have done for release, but sometimes that’s not how the cookie crumbles, but so glad this got done and is there now!

So you’re saying you’re … releasing the Kraken?

haha, exactly what jumped to mind when i saw this

hell yeah, and I’ve been shouting it around the house…;)

I might have to get this now ^^.

Looks great, thank you!

Is this available on PC? Looks amazing.

buuuuuuuut a little birdie told me, to tell you, to wait till tommorow evening

The Eagle has landed!

Errrr the Falcon has landed!

Thanks for the tip. I felt bad so bought a second copy and gifted to my nephew :)

Awesome thanks!

Eurogamer likes the recent DLC and update.

@tomchick did you get to play this at all?

I did! It’s an absolutely beautiful world. And I enjoy the combat way more than I did the EA Star Wars game. Partly because Falconeer isn’t pushing me into playing as part of a multiplayer online service, but mostly because Falconeer is so much more imaginative in terms of showing me someplace I’ve never seen before. I wish the actual mission and progression structure were a bit less obtuse, though.


I’m so glad to hear!

And indeed one day I’ll have to stand up for my crimes against mission structure ;)
I am slowly contemplating some drastic changes to the entire structure, possibly removing some missions etc etc. (this is very much just a thought, and it could end badly).

I notice people need a lot more guidance on upgrading/levelling/mutagens etc. Still thinking what the quickest way is to explain that to people.

Steam has a free manual which is also available here:

There is a full game guide as a DLC. might push the publisher to make that free, its got a mutagen and chant guide and quite a bit more than the flight manual with regards to explaining things , lore and the world.

Altchar has a decent worldguide, but its not entirely complete yet:

hope that helps!

I will also admit, I bloody loathe making tutorials or gui in general, the two sort of go hand in hand. And possibly about 30% of the world creation is just me procrastinating and creating a fun bit of world, just to keep me from having to make tutorials or GUI or anything structured really.

This has cost me possibly a full metacritic point, but yeh, probably wouldn’t have changed it if I could, some things you can, some you cannot. I care for taking people into my brainscapes, care not for explaining it too much.

kind off feel bad about that one. Trying to do better in the future. ;)

On Game Pass now!

Fired it up and did a mission last night (Xbox One X) . I needed a tutorial. I felt lost starting off and it Took me some time just to figure out how to land and to drop a particular item. Then I received a score for the mission and it seemed weird that shooting things in a fly under the radar mission was a scoring criteria. Still feeling my way I guess.

Yeh the game has an undeniable ascetic touch as far as guidance goes. Its the result of just me making it.

That said there are 3 sort of tutorial missions at dunkle (your wingman gives them). they introduce some of the other concepts. To be honest the prologue chapter is intended as a quick tutorial to show you the buttons and stuff like dropping and bombing.

The mission you describe is the mission from Oberon’s Reach. That is actually campaign 3 of 4. Best is to spend at least a few missions at Dunkle,. the story there slowly introduces you to some of the core concepts. Oberon’s Reach is a fun place to start, but a bit more confusing for sure. ;)

There is a little guidance underneath each location when you start a campaign, explaining what to expect.