The Flash (CW)


Yeah, Jesse L. Martin as Joe West is just so brilliant, he makes all the otherwise potentially saccharine family/friends/relationships stuff quite good.

Yet another cracking episode. I mean really, it’s almost like a given that every episode (in this and also the Arrow, and latterly Gotham) is good these days, with little to seriously criticize (I mean there’s always nerdy carping, but what the hey).


I remember hearing a while back that there was going to be a web series in the Flash/Arrow universe featuring Vixen, but I’d pretty much forgotten about it. Then I ran across it at the CW Seed site and checked it out. The whole “season” is only 6 episodes totaling about a half hour, so there’s no depth, but I thought it was fairly well done. Uses some of the Flash/Arrow voices to tie into those shows, but it’s mostly stand-alone. Worth checking out if you have a half hour to kill. Maybe they’ll have Vixen show up on the main shows at some point.


Yeah, I really enjoyed Vixen as well. I’d love to see them expand it into a full blown animated series. These guys are doing a better job with DC than DC seems to be doing over at WB.


Loved this week’s episode. It also has a good deleted scene:

I’m not a science guy, did that magnet bomb stuff make sense?


Should have left that scene in. Its a nice character bit for Hamill’s Trickster.


Ohhhhhh, great deleted scene, thanks for that! Also yeah, no, magnet stuff made no sense, but whatever, it got us a great line by Wells - “Your toys. Give them to me.” - so it was worth it, ultimately.


Hamill’s so hammy he transcends ham with that Joker/Trickster role - so much energy and gusto :)


Not in the slightest - it made exactly as much sense as those sorts of things made when you were a kid with an enthusiastic but vague understanding of science, reading comics written by young guys (so far stymied in their life’s ambition to write the great American novel) who were earning a living writing whacky stories to amuse kids, and trying to give some vague, hand-wavey, vaguely scientific rationale for plot armor events in the story, out of their own vague understanding of science.

Which is why it’s so glorious :)


Man, that was a fan-freaking-tastic episode of Flash to end the year on. It’s gonna hurt a little having to wait, but I know that Legends of Tomorrow will ease that a bit. But man, getting Hamil back in there, alongside Capt. Cold was just delightful. Really great jobs from everyone, across the board. Particularly Martin’s Joe West. . . jeeze I am so glad that they haven’t killed that man off yet!


Yeah, this and Arrow have both been just a ton of fun this season. Great episodes to end the year on.


Wait, that was the season finale? Whut?


Mid season. While both shows (Arrow and Flash) are on break, they’ll air the Legends of Tomorrow miniseries, which looks to be great. Then they’ll be back, late winter/early spring.


Mid season, sorry. Last episode of the year.


I am so glad the show is back, but FUCK I wanted to throw something at the TV. JUST FUCKING TELL HER ALREADY BARRY GOD YOU IDIOT.


Yeah, it’s Iris all over again. I haven’t been watching promos or reading anything else, so I don’t know if Patty’s really gone or not, but that’d be a really dumb way to end it. So I hope she’ll be back, but even one more episode of dragging things out with his identity would also be a pain.


This feels WORSE than Iris because we’ve already been through this shit so thoroughly it feels artificial now.


Yeah. . . and it doesn’t even logically follow. Her knowing Barry’s secret isn’t what endangers her; it’s just being around him at all. If the writers want to force the angsty romantic pathos on us, they could at least have the decency to go the mid-S4 Arrow route and just have Barry try to push everyone AWAY so they’re not targeted.

But I don’t want to be all negative. The effects in this last ep were awesome, and the new villain was super creepy. . . but not as creepy as “Harry” is slowly turning. Some of the moments between Joe and Wally were a little trite, but Jesse L. Martin is pretty much always a pleasure to watch.


This is exactly it. Fucking CW shows love to force the Angst when it’s not needed. Just look at any episode of Supernatural. It’s gotten so ingrained I’ve learned to ignore it.


I’m getting there. Obsessing over the unnecessary angst ruins the enjoyment of the good parts. Easier to just zone out a bit over that stuff.

I loved the Turtle, though they did a great job with him. Just the right amount of creepy.


Yeah, I said basically the same thing as Armando and you guys to my son this week, “she’s ALREADY in danger!” is sort of a no-brainer. Treating her like an inept child is just … annoying as hell, at this point. I blame Dr. Wells. He’s why Barry didn’t tell her. Dat fuq.