The Flash (CW)


He IS a diiiiiiick. (still my favorite moment in the entire season so far)

Yeah, I was annoyed as hell with Harry at that point, but I don’t care because I just love Tom Cavanagh so so much.


The CW has done great with The Flash but the whole angst bit is wearing a bit thin. There is no good logic in Barry not telling Patty. Not if he planned on having a relationship with her. Besides, with the inherent risks that come with being a super hero, how can Barry bring someone that deeply into his life and NOT tell them? Forewarned is forearmed. By not telling her, he puts her at an even greater risk. There are many good reasons to tell her and no good reasons to withhold the truth.


Not only that, but Patty’s already at risk because she’s important to the Flash, not because she’s important to Barry. Letting her in on the secret has no bearing whatsoever on the amount of danger she’s in.


Not to mention that she got herself a position on the metahuman task force tracking down evil superpowered beings.


Man, I was really hoping that someone would realize that reverse Flash can steal speed force as well, and put Flash in his suit. Might make him faster.

Also, does anyome else think that reverse Flash might be a good ally against Zoom? R.Flash wouldn’t want to share the stage with anyone else.


Actually, I was expecting Zoom to show up and steal Reverse Flash’s speed.

Harry Wells declares that this is Revers Flash’s origin story. And then we find out Garrick’s Earth-1 doppelganger is Hunter Zolomon. Are they going to have Zoom turn out to have been created in Earth-1?


My son and I got a kick out of, “I have to show you.” and then they are in a park and he’s like “that’s my doppleganger, but his name is different. Also, we aren’t compatible due to mutated genes, etc.”

We looked at each other and were like, “You made her wait on the answer until they could drive out to the park for that? What about this required a visual component!” Oh, comic books.


I still wanna smack Barry for not telling Patti GIVEN THE BILLIONS OF OPPORTUNITIES HE’S HAD.



Oh yeah, that is driving us nuts, too. His logic makes no sense “she’d be in danger if she knows…” doesn’t hold water, not only is she in danger just being around him but she was literally already targeted by the Turtle and she didn’t know he was the Flash. It already happened! Makes no damned sense. If she’s really off the show (and it seems like, for now, she is) then I’m just extra confused and I feel like every moment with that character on screen was a waste of everyone’s time. No payoff, just even more confusion/frustration. A stumble for sure, imo.


I dunno if it’s a comic book thing or a CW thing, or both, but the manufactured drama is so annoying.


Didn’t he kinda tell her? She figured him out, he knew she figured him out, and he wasn’t doing the voice-and-face disguise thing at the end. It isn’t like he wears a hood or something. Pretty recognizably Barry without the disguise thing.


I did like that she figured it out, but god damn Barry.


It’s not that she didn’t ever figure it out (but thank the maker she finally did officially know - and also how dumb is Barry to fall for that bit about her being in danger on the train?!) but rather that he kept it from her at all, once they got serious. I have a problem with that - it’s irresponsible. Look, if I’m a super hero and I’m seeing a lady, the first thing I do once things get serious is let her know, “hey it might be dangerous to hang out with me.” I mean, of course if she decides to leave me I’ll have to kill her to maintain my secret identity, but I give her the choice first! It’s the decent thing to do.


Yeah, this is what always kills me about keeping secrets from the women on these shows, Arrow and Flash and the like. “I did it to keep you safe.” FUCKER KEEPING THEM INFORMED IS KEEPING THEM SAFE. GIVE THEM ALL THE INFO AND LET THEM MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES YOU JACKASS.

Gah! Fuck…


Guys. GUYS.

It’s Happening - CBS’s SUPERGIRL and The CW’s FLASH To Cross Over


Bwahahahaha, I just read this on reddit and was coming over to post it. Curse you, Rubin! :Shakes fist:

Still, this is incredibly awesome.

Now, to not stop pushing until we get a Berlanti-verse Supergirl-Flash-Arrow-Legends of Tomorrow super mashup including the in-universe version of the Suicide Squad. And Hal Jordan, because they’ve been teasing that SOB for way too long, now.


Yes, all of that yes.

This is just more incentive for me to get caught up on Supergirl. I’ve only seen 2-3 episodes.


The willingness to do crazy mega-crossovers is my favorite part of this particular DC televised universe.


It’s honestly pretty decent for the most part. The love, uh. . . quadrangle? Pentacle? I’ve lost track, honestly. . . is pretty bad, but Benoist is just magical in the role, and a lot of the supporting cast at least aren’t offensively bad. And, uh, a recent character reveal around the mid-season break was totally unexpected (by me) and super awesome.


Still behind , but I just watched the Holiday episodes of Flash and Arrow, really enjoyed seeing The Trickster again, I swear that Hamill starts channeling the Joker sometimes.

Is it just me or does ZOOM just not seem evil? He reminds me more of a mustache twirling villain.