The Flash (CW)


“Our Wells was evil but you’re just a diiiiiiick.”

Still my favorite line in the entire season.


and the fact that the last 30 seconds of the season finale he goes back and does something dumb.

This is completely in line with the story of Flashpoint Paradox and if they follow down that road we are in for a helluva ride. I dont think they will be able to go all in with that story line but it will be interesting to see their take on the consequences of Barry’s actions.


Yeah, she figured him out in what, 5 episodes? Something that Iris wasn’t able to do in an entire season.

(So, we don’t like the Iris character much in our house).


I’ve been warming to Iris.

But she’s no Patty.


The whole Iris thing is creepy in the TV show storyline, where they basically grew up practically as step-siblings. (That aspect of the storyline doesn’t exist in the comics.)


And since I’m on a big of a ComicCon roll tonight. . .

Looks like we are, indeed, getting a more-or-less adaption of Flashpoint as seen through the lens of the TV-verse. More than just about any show I’ve posted about tonight, I am freaking out about this. S1 and 2 of Flash have been absolutely fantastic all the way through, and this looks like it’s amping the whole deal up to max. Lots of great shakeups to relationships and settings, and Gustin to carry the whole thing through. I can’t wait :-D


First episode for season 3 went pretty much as expected, though I thought maybe they’d go more than one episode before “fixing” things. Looks like instead they’re going with the “things are mostly back but now you gotta deal with side effects” route. Probably going to be seeing said effects popping up all season.


Well, Barry hasn’t redeemed himself in my kids eyes. They were all “don’t turn your back on him you idiot”.

This shtick of knocking down the villain and then leaving him lying so he can get up and get a backstab is old and annoying. Having it done twice within 5 minutes was a bit too much for them ;)


Okay, man, that last episode this week? Pretty fucking great. Lots of good hard-hitting relationship stuff (I am kinda coming to dig some of the relationship change-ups from the timelike shakeup, and good goddamn Tom Cavanaugh is a national treasure). The fights v. Magenta felt pretty epic and potent, and Dr. Alchemy’s still cool as all shit.

So, basically, 1000% onboard with this season.


Dr. Alchemy makes me want to play Fallout 2 . :)


The Wally stuff had me rolling my eyes at every point. He keeps doing stupid things, people keep saying stupid things to him. Good stuff other than that though.


He is being set up as the next alchemist victim.


It seems likely he’ll be more than a “victim”, with the terrible decision making he was showing this week it seemed to be laying the groundwork for Wally to actually seek out Alchemy.

Also I just remembered a conversation I thought was about Wally was actually about Jesse, so there was at least one other annoying thing outside of the Wally conversations, but it wasn’t that big a deal. Over all still a decent episode.


I mean victim in the same way magenta was a victim. He will be given speed and driven to fight the flash.

I wonder when we will see Zoom again, since he is busy in 1942.


Hooray for Jesse Quick! Always liked her in the comics. Hope that uniform she’s getting looks better than the comics version, though.

Pretty sure the Thawne-in-1942 thing (from Legends, for those not watching that one) is setting up the big crossover that was promised later on this year. Arrow hasn’t shown much sign of it yet, but the conversation with Felicity and references to Diggle’s son are there.


I don’t know her (or really, quite a few of these characters) from the comics, but she’s wearing her costume in the trailer for next week’s Flash.


Great start to the season! Very tight, minimal groans, the usual combination of human moments with spectacular superhero (i.e. impossible in any other genre) action.

The stunt where The Flash rescued the cop out of the car Magenta was about to toss to destruction was particularly well done.


Is it just me, or are the time travel rules way different for flash then legends of tomorrow?


It’s not like the time travel rules are consistent on either show. Sometimes they change during the episode.


Holy fuck this crossover is the epitome of cool.