~The Game Pass Thread~

I’ve been playing a bit of House Flipper (don’t make fun of me!). It’s relaxing and there’s really no fail state. You can do specific jobs to earn cash (and unlock skills you will need) or you can purchase a house and flip it for mad profitz. My family was mocking me when I was cleaning the house last night but I like it!

My next “real” game here is going to be Hardspace: Shipbreaker, it’s already installed and ready to go.

House Flipper was definitely fun and relaxing in the initial stages, but eventually got a bit repetitive. I picked it up in a Humble Bundle a while back and put more hours into it than I care to admit.

I’ve been playing through the story of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and while it’s pretty much by the numbers it’s very pretty and runs like a dream on the Series X.

I had the same experience with Carrion - I got thoroughly lost and could not muster enough strength to power through. If anyone wants to finish it, I’d recommend doing it in a few sittings with not too much to distract you in between.

Looking forward to Escape Academy and Peppa Pig.

I almost bought Road 96, procrastination pays off again!

I played way too much House Flipper this weekend. After one long session, my wife called me out to our deck and when I was sitting out there, I noticed dirty dog paws on the wood and instantly wanted to use my radial dial to get my mop out. Trippy. It did get me in the mood to actually clean and straighten up the house…need to get the wife to play it!

Woohoo, PowerWash Simulator! I’ve had that silly game on my wishlist for a while.

Well that resolves my dilemma about whether to buy Last Call BBS or go back to Opus Magnum.

I’m starting to think I’m done with House Flipper. I bought a couple of houses and redid them, and got a decent profit. For a bit I thought maybe I’d try to get a million bucks from flipping houses. But I don’t think there’s much in the way of progression except for the skill points you get from renovating - and I’ve got the majority of them, so I don’t think there’s anything to look forward to. Or is there something I’m missing?

Just the relaxing gameplay and fun with decorating houses - If thats not your thing, probably not.

PowerWash Simulator looks kind of fun, which seems odd because I had no particular interest in house flipping or lawn mowing video games. Have to give it a shot!

That looks as boring as watching paint dry.

Ah, a fellow fan of that particular game!

Nice, I wishlisted Escape Academy after playing the demo.

Maybe I’ll finish Yakuza 0 before it leaves this time…

Looks like Solasta was stealth dropped to Xbox Game Pass yesterday (it’s already on PC Game Pass).

I messed around with the new tennis game last night. Boy am I bad. I think I played 6 matches and they were all 6-0 with two 6-1. I’m playing semi-pro level which is the default. There is a tutorial which is ok. I do have some pretty good rallys so even though I’m getting crushed I’m having some fun.

Yeah, me too. I was kinda undecided about how much I wanted it after playing the demo. I kind of felt it was okay but not outstanding, and wishlisted it thinking I’d play it if the price was right. Well, “included in GamePass” is pretty much the right price, hehe.

Awesome…I love challenging tennis games…will check this one out.

Please don’t take my skill level as any gauge on how challenging the game is :)