The Good Place...


Only 13 episodes again? 😐


Seems like the new normal. Smart move given the nature of media consumption these days.


13 is better than none! Most excellent!


I’m finally catching up.

I watched the episode with indecisive Chidi this morning. So funny.

One of my favorite moments is when Fake Eleanor is bonding with Tahani over a British sitcom.

“It ran for 16 years on the BBC.”

“They did almost 30 episodes”.


Oh yeah, my wife and I both did a spit-take on that one.


I finished the season last night. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after that. I couldn’t watch anything else after that.

It’s not often that a sitcom gives you something like that to think about.


Just added to Netflix. Heard a lot of positive things here so it’s jumping to the top of my queue.


I wish I could watch it again just for the final episode. So good.


Back on tonight. Very curious how season 2 will go…


Fantastic episode. They even managed to mess with my expectations for how this season will go. If you aren’t watching this show, you are really missing out.


Thanks, I almost completely forgot! Thankfully my TiVO grabbed it so I watched it before going to bed, and it’s bliss. So good to have this back, and it really hit the ground running.


The question from the start has been how sustainable the premise is. Not that it can’t change, but if it does change, is there a plan? Is it a good plan?

The first season pulled it off, it provided a lot of twists and a clever reveal. But the whole premise is still so unconventional, a great first season is only that: a great first season. My hopes for the show are based on the talent involved, there’s nothing specifically about where the first season took the narrative that guarantees future success.

So I’m right back to a cautious “well that was pretty fun, but I hope they’ve got a plan”, and the season two premier leaves me in exactly the same place I was 45 minutes ago. That was pretty fun, but I hope they’ve got a plan. Was that a quick episode to change course slightly from the plan Eleanor put together in last season’s finale? Was that the new structure of the show—are they going to reset every week? Are they going to reset several times and then throw us a different curveball right when we think we understand the pattern for season two? Who knows! All of those possibilities could be excellent, and all of them could be missteps. I suspect the premiere will sort of show you what you want to see. If you think it’s in danger of getting stale, you might still be worried. If you think it’s brilliant the way it keeps changing things up, you might feel excited.


Getting anxious about how they can do this badly, doesn’t seem like a good investment of time or mental energy for me. I’ll watch it as long as they don’t shit on me as a viewer too much and not thinking about potential problems until they’re happening, which is the best I can expect from a show.


Aren’t you already doing just that?

Guys, just watch the show and enjoy it, don’t worry about where the story might peter out until it actually does.


I was going to watch the season in November when I get Hulu again. But you guys are making me mighty tempted to just watch it on NBC’s website now.


One of the joys of The Good Place is the fearless moves of the writers - upending their audience expectations almost every episode. Its one of the best series on TV - why put off seeing something that could put a smile on your face? Or risk that a great plot twist gets spoiled between now and November?

BTW - they claimed they had the overarching plot of the first 3 seasons mapped out before the show even started - and I see no signs they were lying. The whole plot twist on the end of season one was already written before the premiere even aired last year (I have a friend in the industry who knew it last August, but had to keep it a secret for the next 6 months while I gushed about each episode :) )


I watched it. Great episode. You guys above are worrying too much. If it pulls an Eli Stone, then we jump off the train. No big deal. But until then, it’s a great show.




Guys, pretty sure it’s just me that’s worrying, not demagogue. I think that comma was a mistake and they’re telling me that getting anxious about this isn’t a good idea.

I’m not saying anyone else should worry. It’s just a thing I do. I was just trying to say that I see why someone optimistic about the show would be encouraged by the premiere, while someone nervous about its sustainability won’t necessarily be put at ease.

I also have a hard time giving up a show I realize is no longer good—I feel like there’s some sense of accomplishment or obligation to stick with it once I’ve made an investment of time. Also a “me” problem, but goes hand in hand with why I get anxious about the future prospects of everything I watch instead of just enjoying it as long as it lasts.


It’s not just you, that’s basically the sunk cost fallacy.