The Good Place...


Correct! But, on reflection I think you are right. This show is so… what it is… that I’d be surprised about anyone who didn’t wonder at least a little about where they could go.


Oh it remains very good. 3rd try is the charm , right ?


Penis flattener or butthole spiders, I don’t know which would be worse


why not both?



Oh good season 2 is on Hulu! Just finished season 1 on Netflix and the final episode finally drew me in.


Telling people not to google anything about “The Good Place” before watching it is in itself a spoiler… My sister messaged 5 minutes into ep1 and said “oh, they’re actually in hell, aren’t they?”



Tell her to watch something else… She ruined it for herself imho.


Well, the reason I told her not to google it is she’s a compulsive spoilerphile. She just watched Game of Thrones S1-Present this Summer and had already googled up Ned dying, who the secret Targaryens were, etc etc. Some people like to read the last page of the book first.

I forget who it was on QT3 that said “saying there’s a spoiler is itself a spoiler”.



OMG yeah, I saw that and but I couldn’t find the link to send to my sister. We have a long-running argument over spoilers. Thanks!


You are very welcome.


Yeah I don’t like it when people are so protective about spoilers that they end up inherently spoiling it because people are looking to be spoiled.

What I’ve been telling people is that I think The Good Place has one of my favorite season finales in a long time. Not that there is a “twist” or whatever. Both are true, but the latter will send people hunting.


This show is managing to keep throwing me for a loop. Another great episode and I have absolutely no idea what they are going to do for the rest of the season.


Agreed. That was fantastic.


Janet is the best. I hope they can maintain her balance forever; always hilarious, but not overused.


“I’m pregnant and you’re the father!”


Loved it when Jason figured it out this episode. :D

I want a Chowder fountain. Hot ocean milk with dead animal croutons!


Binged the first season over the last few days, partly on the recommendation of Idle Weekend, and partly because of Kristen Bell. It’s no Veronica Mars, but I’m enjoying it a lot. Not quite following some of the commentary above. I mean, sure it’s not following the stereotypical US sitcom format where everything is wrapped up neatly by the end of the episode, but I’m not seeing how it upends your expectations every episode either. It seems pretty conventional by Netflix comedy standards, for instance. Is it just because it’s NBC that people are reacting this way?


Above they are just talking about the first two episodes this season, I think. Expectations were setup by the first season that the show was a certain way, but the first couple of episodes this season (or has it been 3 already? I lost track) have not been the way they were in Season 1.


I’ve only watched the first episode of the second season, but I don’t recall anything particularly jarring.