The Good Place...


Might have been you, I thought it was fantastic. I mean, it didn’t really move the central plot forward much (until the end) but that’s not a problem, I’m not here for the central story but the characters themselves.

I wanted Jason M to stick around longer though. :(


I have watched all of the current episodes of this show and I think it really must be an acquired taste. I have found some of the scenes funny, some of the characters interesting, but ultimately it feels so inconsistent and haphazard.

The plot twist at the end of the first season was ok, but really derivative. As soon as you see a fictional depiction of heaven you should automatically assume it is hell, because that turns out to be the case 99% of the time (not criticising, I have written a short story that does exactly yet!). Since then the story has become really bad, although maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, don’t mean to rain on anyones parade, it just doesn’t work for me.


No new episode tonight I guess, because of Football. That’s okay, it’s not often I get to see the Seahawks here in Kansas City.

But wait, did he just say this begins 6 consecutive weeks of Thursday Night Football on NBC? Does that mean The Good Place is on hiatus for a while?

Edit: Yep, looks like no new episodes until January.


This is back on tomorrow, also just saw a post from late last year, season 3 renewal!


Yeah, coincidentally I just learned about the renewal this morning from Jamil on a podcast. Very happy to hear it.


When I saw the first few episodes I was like WHO IS THIS GODDESS. Only to be very surprised to find out it was Jameela Jamil, and wondered how she went from annoying lass off telly to that without me ever noticing.


I loved “drunk” Janet. “This is the best summer ever!”


Started on this late with my 11 and 16 year old daughters. We were all caught up after about a week. They loved it. I love it. I love the philosophy involved even if it is not that deep. I love Kristen Bell and her in this role is perfect. Still seems to smart a comedy to make it on a Network, but I am glad it is!


Just watched the first episode on Netflix with the wife, we both liked it (it’s really really hard for us to find TV we both agree on). Everyone seems to like it so let’s see if I can stick with it (also really really hard for me).


Stick with it.


I rarely watch sitcoms any longer as they are terribly cliched and formulaic. This does not have as many laugh out loud moments, but it is so well done and unpredictable.


After seeing it take the top spot on The A.V. Club’s best TV of 2017 list, I knew I had to get around to watching The Good Place. I’m only half way through the first season, but what a delightful show! I don’t understand how it was completely off my radar. It’s sweet-natured without being saccharine. I love how they use the end of each episode to setup the immediate dramatic stakes or conflict for the following week.


I’m an episode behind, but am struck that this show manages to consistently surprise me. I frequently have no idea where the writers are going, but it makes perfect sense once they get there.


This is well put. One of the best comedies in some time, imo.


Another fantastic episode that almost made me tear up at the end. This show is cruel and genius for being only 30 minutes. It’s enough time for me to hate that it’s over so quickly but leaves me wondering what the hell they will do next week. So great.


There are new episodes? I must check the Netflix!


When has Netflix ever put up new episodes as they aired? Season 2 is currently underway.

Try Hulu, or possibly if you want to catch up?


Depends where you are I think, eg in the UK Netflix put up the latest episode today.




Maya Rudolph was a great bit of casting for this episode.

The only test I didn’t really understand was Jason’s. The answer to whether or not to play against Jacksonville was to refuse to play Madden completely? I’m not sure how I feel about that as a video game fan.