The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks


I understand your frustration, and I think it’s bullshit that that is happening. I don’t even agree with all the approaches and some of the ideas in there, but I know it’s not even close to what socialism is.

I will be the first one to tell you that the Trump group is a lost cause, forget them. The group that thinks the earth is flat, that children in cages are okay, and people dying because they can’t afford insulin is just sucks to be you… yeah they’re a hopeless cause too. Forget them… but there is a group, and I don’t think they’re small, that does not want Trump, the hate or the chaos. That does not mean they are going to vote Democrat or not change their mind and do Trump again or just stay home.

We need more votes, and there is no reason that Democrats can’t control messaging to the people that matter (not the ones watching Fox News 12 hours a day), and they’re not doing it. They need to get outside of the back patting circles and message those people. They’re not doing it, the Republicans sure as hell are.


This - every single time. When they do explain, they lie their asses off.


We had about 3 million more votes last time. It’s not just the amount, it’s the where. So long as we have to rely upon victory in three or four states to save the entire country.

This isn’t back-patting anymore. It was last time. Now it’s about cheating.

So do we resort to that?



Well yeah… and where is not the deeply entrenched blue areas… right? Gotta reach across the table.

No. We’re not destroying democracy to save it. We’re taking it back.


Oh I agree. But I’m an idealist about such things. The problem is we are playing by a different set of rules.

I agree with this as well, in principle. The problem is when we reach across the table, we get the Trump Dominance Handshake. It’s Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football more and more.

So then…how?



Just giving this a spin to see how it looks:

Want to afford more? Making your boss richer doesn’t get that done.
Want to pay less for medical care and hate health insurance companies? Let’s get rid of them.
Hurricanes, floods and drought causing problems? We’ve got a plan.
Wonder why you can drink anything but you can’t smoke it? Us too.
Don’t want companies telling you where you can go online? Same here.
Believe your voice should be as important as a billionaire’s? Damn straight.

Democrats for 2020


Well I don’t mean politically, as in the GOP, I mean the group that can be persuaded, some of their members, people who are not at Trump Rallies and only get their news from Fox. I am talking about those people in key areas who were turned off either by previous candidates or policies. We need to reach them. I am under the impression there are a fair amount of people that are not pleased with our leader and his enablers, but they are not guaranteed votes.

They’re telling people that they’re taking away their cars, that they’re going to force everyone out of their houses, that they’re going to take their jobs and force them on government incomes (this really is a horrific outcome for a number of people), and that shit is just not true. It’s past time to counter that. And no, it’s not just Trump and Fox. These messages are spreading very easily.


These are actually really good. :)


I mean…
worked out pretty well.


These are ACE, and I will be using them. Cheers!


Looks great but as a rabid anti-smoker, I’d change this one!

Wonder why can drink anything but you can’t get high? Us too.


I like this.


Ah. Okay. I can see the distinction you’re making. I was assuming that we had to continue to try to play nice with people who will not be swayed. For instance, if the candidate I had voted for were to be shown to have committed fraud to win the election, and had then tried to establish a false equivalency between a hate group and a bunch of protesters, I’d be ripe for the picking. Someone like my mother, who only gets her news from Fox and the like, is not. No matter what her party does, she could never consider voting for somebody like Bernie Sanders. That would be impossible for her.

Your point about trying to gain the votes of voters who otherwise might not even exercise that right is well put.



My attempt at a slogan:


What can I say? I have a knack for inclusive slogan-writing.


LOL - not bad.


What a 🍆


It’s just locker room witness tampering.


Just noticed this is already being discussed in the Russia thread. It’s madness, I tell you, madness!


Wikipedia page already…

Part-Time Job[edit]

Sometime during 2019, Gaetz decided to do some federal witness tampering and blackmail on the side – mistakenly believing, perhaps, that this is not a jailable criminal offense.


Well yea, compared to 8 years of Bush and 2 years of Trump Obama’s time as president looks like Heaven. But I think we sometimes rate Obama just on the periods around his, and not on anything he did.