The GOP is still morally corrupt, even if Discourse breaks

Also generally the case here.

A lot of the allowed food is more expensive and less available. I’m not sure I can even buy whole wheat pasta and if I can you can also bet it costs at least twice as much.

It seems weirdly calibrated to make sure people who are poor get poor food… except that what constitutes the food of the poor being used is like, a standard from 1000 years ago. Almost that the specific person involved had watched too many History Channel shows about the Middle Ages and what the poor ate then, combined with Holy Disgust about welfare queens buying cigarettes and candy intersecting in a particularly weird way.

I imagine that if they could feed the poor from the steps of the monastery the used trenchers of monks they’d be all over that. Maybe throw some heavily salted, old eel in there.

Oh, and this is just step 1 at eliminating SNAP entirely, since there’s still this weird lingering ‘guilt’ over SNAP of the Charles Murray variety among conservative thought that cannot be spoken of directly in public. Giving free food to the poors makes more poors, to put it in the most forum friendly way, as if they were managing herds of livestock. SNAP = higher minority birth rates, so it’s bad and got to go.

What’s extra-super-fun-weird is every person I’m aware used of SNAP was white.

The thesis still holds.

That’s almost certainly behind the opioid epidemic, though not in a directly linear way that you can track from opinion to policy to outcome, but more in creating the kind of regulatory and cultural environments in which the opioid epidemic can happen with little pushback.

It makes you wonder if they didn’t just look at stats for the items most frequently purchased with SNAP and proposed outlawing them all.

Only if the eel was canned, though.

Impressions are it’s based on WIC, which is supposedly about healthy eating for single mothers and their kids, but is of course more about punishing those sinful harlots by not letting their kids enjoy food.

Unless the dude he’s bottoming* for has voted Democrat in the past this is a nothing burger.

*You saw his bid for Speaker, right?

Dude just likes to have sex…men/women/boys/girls. He who is without sin may cast the first stone.

He also loves to drink and drive, but, honestly, who doesn’t?

Let him live.

I think it’s the governing most of us object to.

Dead girl or a live boy

Wait - you mean someone actually married Gaetz?

Yup. He actually married Palmer Luckey’s sister. Yes, the Palmer Luckey who founded Oculus. Because the world is just so flat that Qt3 encompasses everything.

I read this and all of the sudden “Jet Boy, Jet Girl” started playing in my head.

What kind of a role model is he being for his adopted son, Nestor?

Ice burn



Oh my God, this lady’s stupid fucking face