The I'm drunk thread


She also had a Bachelors in Situational Awareness, that was probably a big turnoff for Eric. ;)


I was just curious how gently you let her down, since I was under the impression you were in a committed relationship. I wasn't digging for sordid girl-on-girl details, honestly!


Is that what the kids are calling married with a child these days?


I've known a few people who were married with children and weren't so committed. These days, it pays to be specific.


Do I need to be drunk to get it?

Because I don't get it.


We'll tell you when you're older :P


I never thought I'd be thinking "fire is just not gay enough."


You and me both.


Well how is anyone supposed to know that? Was there a big lesbian thread I missed or something? :P It's not like we all hang out with her and know what she looks/acts like either. Just sayin'. We're not stupid, we just haven't been exposed specifically to fire all that much.


I don't expose myself all that often. Only the one time, in the boyshorts thread.


Good job fire, QT3 just slowed to a crawl due to everyone searching "boyshorts" at the same time.


I aim to please.


Guilty as charged. That's uhh, quite an ass fire has.


I decided to be snarky and search "fire ass" on google image search to come up with a suitably funny image with which to derail this thread. Much to my surprise, the actual image in question came up on the first page.


Excellent. So if we ever meet, you all will know how to recognize me. Or, how you would have recognized me nearly a decade ago.


Warning! Do NOT do the same search with Safe Search turned off. Using Betadine in eyes... BRB.


Went to a burlesque show tonight. Not only were there beautiful women who were mostly disrobed, but they had $1 beers. This is a problem. God, I love Lakewood.


I don't see the problem. Anyone else?


If my liver had a hand, it would be raising it right now.


Zero problems. Tell your liver it's time to do some pushups or something; you're in the big leagues now.